Size.Round(SizeF) Size.Round(SizeF) Size.Round(SizeF) Size.Round(SizeF) Method


指定の SizeF 構造体を、Size 構造体の値を最も近い整数値に丸めることによって、SizeF 構造体に変換します。Converts the specified SizeF structure to a Size structure by rounding the values of the SizeF structure to the nearest integer values.

 static System::Drawing::Size Round(System::Drawing::SizeF value);
public static System.Drawing.Size Round (System.Drawing.SizeF value);
static member Round : System.Drawing.SizeF -> System.Drawing.Size
Public Shared Function Round (value As SizeF) As Size


SizeF SizeF SizeF SizeF

変換対象の SizeF 構造体。The SizeF structure to convert.


このメソッドの変換対象の Size 構造体。The Size structure this method converts to.

静的RoundメソッドとTruncateメソッドを使用してをSizeFSize変換する方法を次のコード例に示します。The following code example demonstrates how to use static Round and Truncate methods to convert a SizeF to a Size. この例は、Windows フォームと共に使用するように設計されています。This example is designed to be used with Windows Forms. この例を実行するには、ととLabel Label2いう名前Label1の2つのオブジェクトを含むフォームに貼り付け、フォームのコンストラクターからこのメソッドを呼び出します。To run this example, paste it into a form that contains two Label objects named Label1 and Label2, and then call this method from the form's constructor.

void TruncateAndRoundSizes()
   // Create a SizeF.
   SizeF theSize = SizeF(75.9F,75.9F);
   // Round the Size.
   System::Drawing::Size roundedSize = ::Size::Round( theSize );
   // Truncate the Size.
   System::Drawing::Size truncatedSize = ::Size::Truncate( theSize );
   //Print out the values on two labels.
   Label1->Text = String::Format( "Rounded size = {0}", roundedSize );
   Label2->Text = String::Format( "Truncated size = {0}", truncatedSize );
private void TruncateAndRoundSizes()

    // Create a SizeF.
    SizeF theSize = new SizeF(75.9F, 75.9F);

    // Round the Size.
    Size roundedSize = Size.Round(theSize);

    // Truncate the Size.
    Size truncatedSize = Size.Truncate(theSize);

    //Print out the values on two labels.
    Label1.Text = "Rounded size = "+roundedSize.ToString();
    Label2.Text = "Truncated size = "+truncatedSize.ToString();

Private Sub TruncateAndRoundSizes()

    ' Create a SizeF.
    Dim theSize As New SizeF(75.9, 75.9)

    ' Round the Size.
    Dim roundedSize As Size = Size.Round(theSize)

    ' Truncate the Size.
    Dim truncatedSize As Size = Size.Truncate(theSize)

    'Print out the values on two labels.
    Label1.Text = "Rounded size = " & roundedSize.ToString()
    Label2.Text = "Truncated size = " & truncatedSize.ToString

End Sub