NegotiateStream.IsSigned プロパティ


このストリームを使用して送信されるデータに署名するかどうかを示す Boolean 値を取得します。Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the data sent using this stream is signed.

 virtual property bool IsSigned { bool get(); };
public override bool IsSigned { get; }
member this.IsSigned : bool
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property IsSigned As Boolean



データの送信前に署名する場合は true。それ以外の場合は falsetrue if the data is signed before being transmitted; otherwise, false.

次のコード例は、このプロパティの値を表示する方法を示しています。The following code example demonstrates displaying the value of this property.

static void DisplayAuthenticationProperties( NegotiateStream^ stream )
   Console::WriteLine( L"IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream->IsAuthenticated );
   Console::WriteLine( L"IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream->IsMutuallyAuthenticated );
   Console::WriteLine( L"IsEncrypted: {0}", stream->IsEncrypted );
   Console::WriteLine( L"IsSigned: {0}", stream->IsSigned );
   Console::WriteLine( L"ImpersonationLevel: {0}", stream->ImpersonationLevel );
   Console::WriteLine( L"IsServer: {0}", stream->IsServer );

 static void DisplayAuthenticationProperties(NegotiateStream stream)
     Console.WriteLine("IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsAuthenticated);
    Console.WriteLine("IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsMutuallyAuthenticated);
    Console.WriteLine("IsEncrypted: {0}", stream.IsEncrypted);
    Console.WriteLine("IsSigned: {0}", stream.IsSigned);
    Console.WriteLine("ImpersonationLevel: {0}", stream.ImpersonationLevel);
    Console.WriteLine("IsServer: {0}", stream.IsServer);


データの署名は、データの整合性を保護するのに役立ちます。つまり、送信中にデータが改ざんされたかどうかを受信者が判断するのに役立ちます。Data signing helps to protect the integrity of the data; namely, it helps the recipient determine whether the data has been tampered with while in transit.