ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit Property


ServicePoint オブジェクトで許可される同時接続の最大数を取得または設定します。Gets or sets the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed by a ServicePoint object.

 static property int DefaultConnectionLimit { int get(); void set(int value); };
public static int DefaultConnectionLimit { get; set; }
member this.DefaultConnectionLimit : int with get, set
Public Shared Property DefaultConnectionLimit As Integer


ServicePoint オブジェクトで許可されているコンカレント接続の最大数。The maximum number of concurrent connections allowed by a ServicePoint object. 既定の接続制限は、ホストされる ASP.NET アプリケーションの 10 およびその他すべての 2 には。The default connection limit is 10 for ASP.NET hosted applications and 2 for all others. アプリが ASP.NET ホストとして実行しているときに、autoConfig プロパティ設定されている場合に、構成ファイルからこのプロパティの値を変更することはできませんtrueします。When an app is running as an ASP.NET host, it is not possible to alter the value of this property through the config file if the autoConfig property is set to true. ただし、autoConfig プロパティが true であれば、プログラムで値を変更できます。However, you can change the value programmatically when the autoConfig property is true. AppDomain の読み込み時に、目的の値を 1 回だけ設定します。Set your preferred value once, when the AppDomain loads.


次のコード例では、このプロパティを設定します。The following code example sets this property.

ServicePointManager::UseNagleAlgorithm = true;
ServicePointManager::Expect100Continue = true;
ServicePointManager::CheckCertificateRevocationList = true;
ServicePointManager::DefaultConnectionLimit = ServicePointManager::DefaultPersistentConnectionLimit;

ServicePointManager.UseNagleAlgorithm = true;
ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = true;
ServicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList = true;
ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = ServicePointManager.DefaultPersistentConnectionLimit;
ServicePointManager.UseNagleAlgorithm = True
ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = True
ServicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList = True
ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = _


DefaultConnectionLimitプロパティの設定の同時接続の既定の最大数、ServicePointManagerオブジェクトに割り当てます、ConnectionLimitプロパティの作成時にServicePointオブジェクト。The DefaultConnectionLimit property sets the default maximum number of concurrent connections that the ServicePointManager object assigns to the ConnectionLimit property when creating ServicePoint objects.

変更、DefaultConnectionLimitプロパティは既存の影響を与えませんServicePointオブジェクトのみに影響を与えますServicePoint変更後に初期化されるオブジェクト。Changing the DefaultConnectionLimit property has no effect on existing ServicePoint objects; it affects only ServicePoint objects that are initialized after the change. 直接または構成のいずれかに、このプロパティの値が設定されていない場合、定数に既定値DefaultPersistentConnectionLimitします。If the value of this property has not been set either directly or through configuration, the value defaults to the constant DefaultPersistentConnectionLimit.


変更、DefaultConnectionLimitプロパティは HTTP 1.0 と HTTP 1.1 の両方の接続は影響します。Any changes to the DefaultConnectionLimit property affect both HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 connections. HTTP 1.0 と HTTP 1.1 プロトコルの接続数上限を別々 に変更することはできません。It is not possible to separately alter the connection limit for HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 protocols.


Web アクセス許可を無制限にできます。for unrestricted Web permissions. 関連付けられた列挙体。 UnrestrictedAssociated enumeration: Unrestricted