AudioStateChangedEventArgs AudioStateChangedEventArgs AudioStateChangedEventArgs AudioStateChangedEventArgs Class


SpeechRecognizer クラスまたは SpeechRecognitionEngine クラスの AudioStateChanged イベントのデータを提供します。Provides data for the AudioStateChanged event of the SpeechRecognizer or the SpeechRecognitionEngine class.

public ref class AudioStateChangedEventArgs : EventArgs
public class AudioStateChangedEventArgs : EventArgs
type AudioStateChangedEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class AudioStateChangedEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs

次の例では、音声認識エンジンのオーディオの状態の変化を処理するため、イベント ハンドラーを示します。The following example demonstrates an event handler for handling the changing audio state of a speech recognition engine.

private SpeechRecognitionEngine sre;  

// Initialize the SpeechRecognitionEngine object.   
private void Initialize()  
  sre = new SpeechRecognitionEngine();  

  // Add a handler for the AudioStateChanged event.  
  sre.AudioStateChanged += new EventHandler<AudioStateChangedEventArgs>(sre_AudioStateChanged);  

  // Add other initialization code here.  

// Handle the AudioStateChanged event.   
void sre_AudioStateChanged(object sender, AudioStateChangedEventArgs e)  
  AudioState newState = e.AudioState;  

  // Handle event here.  


AudioStateプロパティの新しいインスタンスを取得する、AudioState列挙時に、SpeechRecognitionEngine.AudioStateChangedまたはSpeechRecognizer.AudioStateChangedイベントが発生します。The AudioState property gets a new instance of the AudioState enumeration when a SpeechRecognitionEngine.AudioStateChanged or a SpeechRecognizer.AudioStateChanged event is raised.

使用して入力オーディオの現在の状態を取得することができます、AudioStateのプロパティ、SpeechRecognizerまたはSpeechRecognitionEngineクラス。You can obtain the current state of the audio input using the AudioState property of the SpeechRecognizer or SpeechRecognitionEngine classes.


AudioState AudioState AudioState AudioState

認識エンジンへのオーディオ入力の新しい状態を取得します。Gets the new state of audio input to the recognizer.


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