Uri.UserEscaped Uri.UserEscaped Uri.UserEscaped Uri.UserEscaped Property


Uri インスタンスの作成前に、URI 文字列が完全にエスケープされたことを示します。Indicates that the URI string was completely escaped before the Uri instance was created.

 property bool UserEscaped { bool get(); };
public bool UserEscaped { get; }
member this.UserEscaped : bool
Public ReadOnly Property UserEscaped As Boolean


Boolean インスタンスの作成時に true パラメーターが dontEscape に設定されている場合は true 値が Uri。それ以外の場合は falseA Boolean value that is true if the dontEscape parameter was set to true when the Uri instance was created; otherwise, false.

次の例ではUri 、インスタンスを作成し、作成時に完全にエスケープされたかどうかを判断します。The following example creates a Uri instance and determines whether it was fully escaped when it was created.

Uri^ uriAddress = gcnew Uri( "http://user:password@www.contoso.com/index.htm " );
Console::WriteLine( uriAddress->UserInfo );
Console::WriteLine( "Fully Escaped {0}",
   uriAddress->UserEscaped ? (String^)"yes" : "no" );
Uri uriAddress = new Uri ("http://user:password@www.contoso.com/index.htm ");
Console.WriteLine("Fully Escaped {0}", uriAddress.UserEscaped ? "yes" : "no");
Dim uriAddress As New Uri("http://user:password@www.contoso.com/index.htm ")
Console.WriteLine("Fully Escaped {0}", IIf(uriAddress.UserEscaped, "yes", "no")) 'TODO: For performance reasons this should be changed to nested IF statements


UserEscapedプロパティに設定されてtrueを作成する、文字列を使用することを示すために、Uri前に、コンス トラクターに渡されたインスタンスが完全にエスケープですつまり、 dontEscape にコンストラクターの呼び出しのパラメーターが設定されましたtrueThe UserEscaped property is set to true to indicate that the string used to create the Uri instance was completely escaped before it was passed to the constructor; that is, the dontEscape parameter of the constructor call was set to true.