AggregateCacheDependency.Add(CacheDependency[]) メソッド


CacheDependency オブジェクトに AggregateCacheDependency オブジェクトの配列を追加します。Adds an array of CacheDependency objects to the AggregateCacheDependency object.

 void Add(... cli::array <System::Web::Caching::CacheDependency ^> ^ dependencies);
public void Add (params System.Web.Caching.CacheDependency[] dependencies);
member this.Add : System.Web.Caching.CacheDependency[] -> unit
Public Sub Add (ParamArray dependencies As CacheDependency())



追加する CacheDependency オブジェクトの配列。The array of CacheDependency objects to add.


dependenciesnullです。dependencies is null.

- または --or- dependencies 内の CacheDependency オブジェクトが null です。A CacheDependency object in dependencies is null.

CacheDependency オブジェクトが複数の Cache エントリから参照されています。A CacheDependency object is referenced from more than one Cache entry.

次のコード例では、メソッドをコンストラクターと組み合わせて使用して、 Add AggregateCacheDependency 2 つのオブジェクトを作成し、 CacheDependency CacheDependency という名前の配列に追加 myDepArray した後、それらの2つのオブジェクトに依存するようにキャッシュ内の項目を作成し CacheDependency ます。The following code example uses the Add method in conjunction with the AggregateCacheDependency constructor to create two CacheDependency objects, add them to a CacheDependency array named myDepArray, and then make the item in the cache dependent on those two CacheDependency objects.

         ' Create two CacheDependency objects, one to a
         ' text file and the other to an XML file. 
         ' Create a CacheDependency array with these 
         ' two objects as items in the array.
          txtDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("Storage.txt"))
          xmlDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("authors.xml"))
          Dim DepArray() As CacheDependency = {txtDep, xmlDep}

          ' Create an AggregateCacheDependency object and 
          ' use the Add method to add the array to it.   
          aggDep = New AggregateCacheDependency()

          ' Call the GetUniqueId method to generate
          ' an ID for each dependency in the array.
          msg1.Text = aggDep.GetUniqueId()
          ' Add the new data set to the cache with 
          ' dependencies on both files in the array.
          Cache.Insert("XMLDataSet", Source, aggDep)