AggregateCacheDependency.GetUniqueID メソッド


AggregateCacheDependency オブジェクトの一意の識別子を取得します。Retrieves a unique identifier for the AggregateCacheDependency object.

 override System::String ^ GetUniqueID();
public override string GetUniqueID ();
override this.GetUniqueID : unit -> string
Public Overrides Function GetUniqueID () As String



AggregateCacheDependency オブジェクトの一意の識別子。The unique identifier for the AggregateCacheDependency object. 関連付けられた依存関係オブジェクトのいずれにも一意の識別子がない場合は、GetUniqueID() メソッドは null を返します。If one of the associated dependency objects does not have a unique identifier, the GetUniqueID() method returns null.

次のコード例では、メソッドを使用して、クラスのインスタンスが作成されて設定されると、その GetUniqueID インスタンスの識別子を作成および表示し AggregateCacheDependency aggDep ます。The following code example uses the GetUniqueID method to create and display an identifier for an instance of the AggregateCacheDependency class, named aggDep, once it is created and populated.

         ' Create two CacheDependency objects, one to a
         ' text file and the other to an XML file. 
         ' Create a CacheDependency array with these 
         ' two objects as items in the array.
          txtDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("Storage.txt"))
          xmlDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("authors.xml"))
          Dim DepArray() As CacheDependency = {txtDep, xmlDep}

          ' Create an AggregateCacheDependency object and 
          ' use the Add method to add the array to it.   
          aggDep = New AggregateCacheDependency()

          ' Call the GetUniqueId method to generate
          ' an ID for each dependency in the array.
          msg1.Text = aggDep.GetUniqueId()
          ' Add the new data set to the cache with 
          ' dependencies on both files in the array.
          Cache.Insert("XMLDataSet", Source, aggDep)


このメソッドは、配列内の各依存関係に一意の識別子を割り当て、それぞれを返します。This method assigns a unique identifier to each dependency in the array and returns each of them. 識別子は、ファイル名 (ファイルの依存関係の場合) またはキー名 (キャッシュキーの依存関係の場合) と、このメソッドが依存関係に割り当てる文字列の組み合わせです。The identifier is a combination of either the file name (for a file dependency) or the key name (for a cache-key dependency) and a string that this method assigns to the dependency.