CacheDependency.UtcLastModified プロパティ


依存関係が最後に変更された時刻を取得します。Gets the time when the dependency was last changed.

 property DateTime UtcLastModified { DateTime get(); };
public DateTime UtcLastModified { get; }
member this.UtcLastModified : DateTime
Public ReadOnly Property UtcLastModified As DateTime



依存関係が最後に変更された時刻。The time when the dependency was last changed.

次のコード例では、クラスを使用して、 AggregateCacheDependency 2 つのオブジェクトの依存関係を持つ項目をに追加し CacheDependency Cache ます。The following code example uses the AggregateCacheDependency class to add an item, with two CacheDependency object dependencies, to the Cache. 項目の要求が行われると、 Cache コードは項目が内に存在するかどうかをチェックし Cache ます。When a request for the Cache item is made, the code checks whether the item is in the Cache. の場合、プロパティは UtcLastModified 文字列に変換され、ページに表示されます。If it is, the UtcLastModified property is converted to a string and displayed on the page. そうでない場合は、項目とその2つの依存関係が作成され、に追加され Cache ます。If it is not, the item and its two dependencies are created and added to the Cache.

' When the page is loaded, use the 
' AggregateCacheDependency class to make 
' a cached item dependent on two files.

Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
   Dim Source As DataView

   Source = Cache("XMLDataSet")

   If Source Is Nothing
          Dim DS As New DataSet
          Dim FS As FileStream
          Dim Reader As StreamReader
          Dim txtDep As CacheDependency
          Dim xmlDep As CacheDependency
          Dim aggDep As AggregateCacheDependency

          FS = New FileStream(Server.MapPath("authors.xml"),FileMode.Open,FileAccess.Read)
          Reader = New StreamReader(FS)

          Source = new DataView(ds.Tables(0))
         ' Create two CacheDependency objects, one to a
         ' text file and the other to an XML file. 
         ' Create a CacheDependency array with these 
         ' two objects as items in the array.
          txtDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("Storage.txt"))
          xmlDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("authors.xml"))
          Dim DepArray() As CacheDependency = {txtDep, xmlDep}

          ' Create an AggregateCacheDependency object and 
          ' use the Add method to add the array to it.   
          aggDep = New AggregateCacheDependency()

          ' Call the GetUniqueId method to generate
          ' an ID for each dependency in the array.
          msg1.Text = aggDep.GetUniqueId()
          ' Add the new data set to the cache with 
          ' dependencies on both files in the array.
          Cache.Insert("XMLDataSet", Source, aggDep)
          If aggDep.HasChanged = True Then
             chngMsg.Text = "The dependency changed at: " & DateTime.Now

             chngMsg.Text = "The dependency changed last at: " & aggDep.UtcLastModified.ToString()
          End If

          cacheMsg1.Text = "Dataset created explicitly"
          cacheMsg1.Text = "Dataset retrieved from cache"
        End If

          MyLiteral.Text = Source.Table.TableName
          MyDataGrid.DataSource = Source
      End Sub


このプロパティは、協定世界時 (UTC) (グリニッジ標準時とも呼ばれます) で測定されます。This property is measured in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (also known as Greenwich Mean Time).