UserValidatedEventArgs.UserName UserValidatedEventArgs.UserName UserValidatedEventArgs.UserName UserValidatedEventArgs.UserName Property


検証済みユーザーのユーザー名を取得します。Gets the user name of the validated user.

 property System::String ^ UserName { System::String ^ get(); };
public string UserName { get; }
member this.UserName : string
Public ReadOnly Property UserName As String


検証済みユーザーのユーザー名。The user name of the validated user.

次のコード例では、このプロパティを使用して、フォームのタイトル バーでユーザー名を表示する方法を示します。The following example code demonstrates how to use this property to display the user name in the title bar of a form.

private ClientFormsAuthenticationMembershipProvider formsMembershipProvider =
private String appName = "ClientAppServicesDemo";

private void AttachUserValidatedEventHandler()
    formsMembershipProvider.UserValidated += 
        new EventHandler<UserValidatedEventArgs>(Form1_UserValidated);

private void Form1_UserValidated(object sender, UserValidatedEventArgs e)
    // Set the form's title bar to the application name and the user name.
    this.Text = String.Format("{0} ({1})", appName, e.UserName);
Private WithEvents formsMembershipProvider As  _
    ClientFormsAuthenticationMembershipProvider = _

Private appName As String = "ClientAppServicesDemo"

Private Sub Form1_UserValidated(ByVal sender As Object, _
    ByVal e As UserValidatedEventArgs) _
    Handles formsMembershipProvider.UserValidated

    ' Set the form's title bar to the application name and the user name.
    Me.Text = String.Format("{0} ({1})", appName, e.UserName)

End Sub