ResultExecutingContext ResultExecutingContext ResultExecutingContext Class


Provides the context for the OnResultExecuting(ResultExecutingContext) method of the ActionFilterAttribute class.

public class ResultExecutingContext : System.Web.Mvc.ControllerContext
type ResultExecutingContext = class
    inherit ControllerContext
Public Class ResultExecutingContext
Inherits ControllerContext


ResultExecutingContext() ResultExecutingContext() ResultExecutingContext()

Initializes a new instance of the ResultExecutingContext class.

ResultExecutingContext(ControllerContext, ActionResult) ResultExecutingContext(ControllerContext, ActionResult) ResultExecutingContext(ControllerContext, ActionResult)

Initializes a new instance of the ResultExecutingContext class by using the specified controller context and action result.


Cancel Cancel Cancel

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this ResultExecutingContext value is "cancel".

Controller Controller Controller

Gets or sets the controller.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)
DisplayMode DisplayMode DisplayMode

Gets the display mode.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)
HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext

Gets or sets the HTTP context.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)
IsChildAction IsChildAction IsChildAction

Gets a value that indicates whether the associated action method is a child action.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)
ParentActionViewContext ParentActionViewContext ParentActionViewContext

Gets an object that contains the view context information for the parent action method.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)
RequestContext RequestContext RequestContext

Gets or sets the request context.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)
Result Result Result

Gets or sets the action result.

RouteData RouteData RouteData

Gets or sets the URL route data.

(Inherited from ControllerContext)

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