TemplateInfo TemplateInfo TemplateInfo Class


Encapsulates information about the current template context.

public class TemplateInfo
type TemplateInfo = class
Public Class TemplateInfo


TemplateInfo() TemplateInfo() TemplateInfo()

Initializes a new instance of the TemplateInfo class.


FormattedModelValue FormattedModelValue FormattedModelValue

Gets or sets the formatted model value.

HtmlFieldPrefix HtmlFieldPrefix HtmlFieldPrefix

Gets or sets the HTML field prefix.

TemplateDepth TemplateDepth TemplateDepth

Contains the number of objects that were visited by the user.


GetFullHtmlFieldId(String) GetFullHtmlFieldId(String) GetFullHtmlFieldId(String)

Retrieves the full DOM ID of a field using the specified HTML name attribute.

GetFullHtmlFieldName(String) GetFullHtmlFieldName(String) GetFullHtmlFieldName(String)

Retrieves the fully qualified name (including a prefix) for a field using the specified HTML name attribute.

Visited(ModelMetadata) Visited(ModelMetadata) Visited(ModelMetadata)

Determines whether the template has been visited by the user.

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