DockPanel.MeasureOverride(Size) DockPanel.MeasureOverride(Size) DockPanel.MeasureOverride(Size) DockPanel.MeasureOverride(Size) Method


DockPanel パスにおいて、配置の前に ArrangeOverride(Size) の子要素を測定します。Measures the child elements of a DockPanel prior to arranging them during the ArrangeOverride(Size) pass.

 override System::Windows::Size MeasureOverride(System::Windows::Size constraint);
protected override System.Windows.Size MeasureOverride (System.Windows.Size constraint);
override this.MeasureOverride : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Size
Protected Overrides Function MeasureOverride (constraint As Size) As Size


Size Size Size Size

上限にする最大 SizeA maximum Size to not exceed.


要素の必要サイズを表す SizeA Size that represents the element size you want.


DockPanel 、その子要素のサイズ変更プロパティとDockプロパティ値を分析することで、サイズを決定します。A DockPanel determines its size by analyzing the sizing properties and Dock property value of its child elements. 子要素は、ドッキングされている側のすべての領域を占有できます。A child element can occupy all the space on the side where it is docked. LeftまたはRightにドッキングされている子要素には、幅全体の垂直方向の領域がすべて与えられます。Child elements that are docked to the Left or Right are granted all the vertical space for their entire width. TopまたはBottomにドッキングされている子要素には、高さ全体のすべての水平方向の領域が与えられます。Child elements that are docked to the Top or Bottom are granted all the horizontal space for their entire height.