FlowDocument.FontStretch FlowDocument.FontStretch FlowDocument.FontStretch FlowDocument.FontStretch Property


FlowDocument のトップレベルのフォント伸縮特性を取得または設定します。Gets or sets the top-level font-stretching characteristics for the FlowDocument.

 property System::Windows::FontStretch FontStretch { System::Windows::FontStretch get(); void set(System::Windows::FontStretch value); };
public System.Windows.FontStretch FontStretch { get; set; }
member this.FontStretch : System.Windows.FontStretch with get, set
Public Property FontStretch As FontStretch


使用する目的のフォント伸縮特性を指定する FontStretch クラスのメンバー。A member of the FontStretch class that specifies the desired font-stretching characteristics to use. 既定値は、Normal です。The default is Normal.

要素の属性FontStretchを設定する方法を次の例に示します。 FlowDocumentThe following example shows how to set the FontStretch attribute of a FlowDocument element.

    FontFamily="Century Gothic"
      Any font settings on this paragraph would override the font settings
      for the FlowDocument.

次の例では、プログラムをFontStretch使用してプロパティを設定する方法を示します。The following example shows how to set the FontStretch property programmatically.

FlowDocument flowDoc = new FlowDocument(new Paragraph(new Run("A bit of text content...")));
// Set the desired column gap to 10 device independend pixels.
flowDoc.FontFamily = new FontFamily("Century Gothic");
flowDoc.FontSize = 12.0;
flowDoc.FontStretch = FontStretches.UltraExpanded;
flowDoc.FontStyle = FontStyles.Italic;
flowDoc.FontWeight = FontWeights.UltraBold;
Dim flowDoc As New FlowDocument(New Paragraph(New Run("A bit of text content...")))
' Set the desired column gap to 10 device independend pixels.
flowDoc.FontFamily = New FontFamily("Century Gothic")
flowDoc.FontSize = 12.0
flowDoc.FontStretch = FontStretches.UltraExpanded
flowDoc.FontStyle = FontStyles.Italic
flowDoc.FontWeight = FontWeights.UltraBold


FontStretch要素の設定は、この最上位レベルの設定よりも優先されます。Any FontStretch settings on child elements override this top-level setting.

依存プロパティ情報Dependency Property Information

識別子フィールドIdentifier field FontStretchProperty
メタデータプロパティがに設定されるtrueMetadata properties set to true AffectsMeasureAffectsRenderInheritsAffectsMeasure, AffectsRender, Inherits