FormWindowState 列挙型


フォーム ウィンドウの表示方法を指定します。Specifies how a form window is displayed.

public enum class FormWindowState
public enum FormWindowState
public enum FormWindowState
type FormWindowState = 
type FormWindowState = 
Public Enum FormWindowState


Maximized 2

最大化されたウィンドウ。A maximized window.

Minimized 1

最小化されたウィンドウ。A minimized window.

Normal 0

既定サイズのウィンドウ。A default sized window.

この例では、フォームのウィンドウの状態をに変更 Maximized し、ラベルを使用して状態情報を表示します。In this example, you change the form's window state to Maximized and display the state information using a label. この例では、という名前のを既に作成していることを前提としてい Form Form1 ます。This example assumes that you have already created a Form named Form1.

   void InitMyForm()
      // Adds a label to the form.
      Label^ label1 = gcnew Label;
      label1->Location = System::Drawing::Point( 54, 128 );
      label1->Name = "label1";
      label1->Size = System::Drawing::Size( 220, 80 );
      label1->Text = "Start position information";
      this->Controls->Add( label1 );
      // Changes the window state to Maximized.
      WindowState = FormWindowState::Maximized;
      // Displays the state information.
      label1->Text = String::Format( "The form window is {0}", WindowState );
public void InitMyForm()
    // Adds a label to the form.
    Label label1 = new Label();
    label1.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(54, 128);
    label1.Name = "label1";
    label1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(220, 80);
    label1.Text = "Start position information";

    // Changes the window state to Maximized.
    WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;
    // Displays the state information.
    label1.Text = "The form window is " + WindowState;	
Public Sub InitMyForm()
   ' Adds a label to the form.
   Dim label1 As New Label()
   label1.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(54, 128)
   label1.Name = "label1"
   label1.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(220, 80)
   label1.Text = "Start Position Information"
   ' Changes the windows state to Maximized.
   WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized
   ' Displays the window information.
   label1.Text = "The Form Window is " + WindowState
End Sub


この列挙は、Form クラスで使用します。This enumeration is used by the Form class. フォームのさまざまな状態を表します。It represents the different states of the form. 既定の状態は Normal です。The default state is Normal.