HtmlDocument.GetElementsByTagName(String) HtmlDocument.GetElementsByTagName(String) HtmlDocument.GetElementsByTagName(String) HtmlDocument.GetElementsByTagName(String) Method


指定した HTML タグを持つ要素のコレクションを取得します。Retrieve a collection of elements with the specified HTML tag.

 System::Windows::Forms::HtmlElementCollection ^ GetElementsByTagName(System::String ^ tagName);
public System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElementCollection GetElementsByTagName (string tagName);
member this.GetElementsByTagName : string -> System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElementCollection
Public Function GetElementsByTagName (tagName As String) As HtmlElementCollection


String String String String

取得する HtmlElement オブジェクトの HTML タグの名前。The name of the HTML tag for the HtmlElement objects you want to retrieve.


タグ名が tagName 引数と同じである要素のコレクション。The collection of elements who tag name is equal to the tagName argument.

HTML ページを使用して、多くの場合、METAドキュメントの任意の情報を埋め込むにはタグ。HTML pages often use the META tag to embed arbitrary information about the document. 次の HTML コード例では、すべてを取得します、 META 、HTML ドキュメント内のタグを検索、META名前を持つタグDescription、し、ユーザーに表示します。The following HTML code example retrieves all of the META tags within an HTML document, finds the META tag with the name Description, and displays it to the user. このコード例は、アプリケーションに、WebBrowserという名前のコントロールWebBrowser1します。The code example requires that your application has a WebBrowser control named WebBrowser1.

private void DisplayMetaDescription()
    if (webBrowser1.Document != null)
        HtmlElementCollection elems = webBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("META");
        foreach (HtmlElement elem in elems)
            String nameStr = elem.GetAttribute("name");
            if (nameStr != null && nameStr.Length != 0)
                String contentStr = elem.GetAttribute("content");
                MessageBox.Show("Document: " + webBrowser1.Url.ToString() + "\nDescription: " + contentStr);
Private Sub DisplayMetaDescription()
    If (WebBrowser1.Document IsNot Nothing) Then
        Dim Elems As HtmlElementCollection 
        Dim WebOC as WebBrowser = WebBrowser1

 Elems = WebOC.Document.GetElementsByTagName("META")

        For Each elem As HtmlElement In Elems
            Dim NameStr As String = elem.GetAttribute("name")

            If ((NameStr IsNot Nothing) And (NameStr.Length <> 0)) Then
                If NameStr.ToLower().Equals("description") Then
                    Dim ContentStr As String = elem.GetAttribute("content")
                    MessageBox.Show("Document: " & WebOC.Url.ToString() & vbCrLf & "Description: " & ContentStr)
                End If
            End If
    End If
End Sub