FrameworkElement.LogicalChildren プロパティ


この要素の論理上の子要素に対する列挙子を取得します。Gets an enumerator for logical child elements of this element.

protected public:
 virtual property System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ LogicalChildren { System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ get(); };
protected internal virtual System.Collections.IEnumerator LogicalChildren { get; }
member this.LogicalChildren : System.Collections.IEnumerator
Protected Friend Overridable ReadOnly Property LogicalChildren As IEnumerator


この要素の論理上の子要素に対する列挙子。An enumerator for logical child elements of this element.


LogicalChildren を使用すると、子要素を反復処理できます。LogicalChildren allows you to iterate over child elements. これは、定義済みの専用のコレクションがなくても、複数の子要素 (特に子要素 FrameworkContentElement) を含む要素に便利です。This is useful for elements that may not have a defined, dedicated collection but still contain more than one child element, particularly FrameworkContentElement child elements.

LogicalChildrenAddLogicalChildの使用方法の詳細については、「 WPF のツリー」を参照してください。For more information on how to use LogicalChildren and AddLogicalChild, see Trees in WPF.