MouseEventArgs.MiddleButton プロパティ


マウスの中央ボタンの現在の状態を取得します。Gets the current state of the middle mouse button.

 property System::Windows::Input::MouseButtonState MiddleButton { System::Windows::Input::MouseButtonState get(); };
public System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonState MiddleButton { get; }
member this.MiddleButton : System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonState
Public ReadOnly Property MiddleButton As MouseButtonState


マウスの中央ボタンの現在の状態。Pressed または ReleasedThe current state of the middle mouse button, which is either Pressed or Released. 既定値はありません。There is no default value.

次の例では、MiddleButton プロパティの状態が-1 @no__t の場合に、メッセージを出力します。The following example prints a message if the state of the MiddleButton property is Pressed.

if (e.MiddleButton == MouseButtonState.Pressed)

    MessageBox.Show("The Middle Mouse Button is pressed");
If e.MiddleButton = MouseButtonState.Pressed Then

    MessageBox.Show("The Middle Mouse Button is pressed")
End If


@No__t-0 クラスには、マウスの状態を判断するための追加のプロパティとメソッドが用意されています。The Mouse class provides additional properties and methods for determining the state of the mouse.