StylusPointProperties.AltitudeOrientation StylusPointProperties.AltitudeOrientation StylusPointProperties.AltitudeOrientation StylusPointProperties.AltitudeOrientation Field


ペンの軸と Tablet PC のサーフェイスの間の角度を表します。Represents the angle between the axis of the pen and the surface of the Tablet PC.

public: static initonly System::Windows::Input::StylusPointProperty ^ AltitudeOrientation;
public static readonly System.Windows.Input.StylusPointProperty AltitudeOrientation;
 staticval mutable AltitudeOrientation : System.Windows.Input.StylusPointProperty
Public Shared ReadOnly AltitudeOrientation As StylusPointProperty 



ペンがサーフェイスAltitudeOrientationに平行している場合はの値は0、ペンがサーフェイスに対して垂直の場合は90になります。The value of AltitudeOrientation is 0 when the pen is parallel to the surface and 90 when the pen is perpendicular to the surface. ペンが反転されている場合、値は負になります。The values are negative when the pen is inverted.