Timeline.GetNaturalDuration(Clock) Timeline.GetNaturalDuration(Clock) Timeline.GetNaturalDuration(Clock) Method


この Timeline の 1 回の反復の長さを返します。Returns the length of a single iteration of this Timeline.

protected public:
 System::Windows::Duration GetNaturalDuration(System::Windows::Media::Animation::Clock ^ clock);
protected internal System.Windows.Duration GetNaturalDuration (System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock clock);
member this.GetNaturalDuration : System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock -> System.Windows.Duration


Clock Clock Clock

この Clock のために作成された TimelineThe Clock that was created for this Timeline.


この Timeline の 1 回の反復の長さ。自然な継続時間が不明な場合は AutomaticThe length of a single iteration of this Timeline, or Automatic if the natural duration is unknown.


このメソッドは場合にのみ呼び出す、Durationプロパティに設定されてAutomaticします。This method should only be called when the Duration property is set to Automatic. 場合DurationAutomatic、自然な継続時間はの特定のクラスの実装によって決まりますGetNaturalDurationCoreします。If Duration is Automatic, the natural duration is determined by that particular class's implementation of GetNaturalDurationCore.

場合GetNaturalDuration返しますAutomatic、自然な継続時間が不明で、意味の自然な継続時間Foreverします。If GetNaturalDuration returns Automatic, it means that the natural duration is unknown, which implies a natural duration of Forever. ストリーミング メディアのケースです。Such is the case for streaming media.

注意このタイムラインの作成されたもの以外のクロックをこのメソッドに渡すことは可能ですが、結果の信頼性を提供します。Note that passing this method a clock other than the one that was created for this timeline is possible, but will provide unreliable results.