Vector3D.Inequality(Vector3D, Vector3D) 演算子


2 つの Vector3D 構造体を比較し、等しくないかどうかを確認します。Compares two Vector3D structures for inequality.

 static bool operator !=(System::Windows::Media::Media3D::Vector3D vector1, System::Windows::Media::Media3D::Vector3D vector2);
public static bool operator != (System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Vector3D vector1, System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Vector3D vector2);
static member op_Inequality : System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Vector3D * System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Vector3D -> bool
Public Shared Operator != (vector1 As Vector3D, vector2 As Vector3D) As Boolean



最初に比較する Vector3D 構造体。The first Vector3D structure to compare.


比較する 2 番目の Vector3D 構造体。The second Vector3D structure to compare.


vector3D1vector3D2XYZ の各コンポーネントが異なる場合は true。それ以外の場合は falsetrue if the X, Y, and Z components of vector3D1 and vector3D2 are different; false otherwise.

次の例は、オーバーロードされた非等値演算子を使用Vector3Dして、2つの構造体が等しくないかどうかを確認する方法を示しています。The following example shows how to use the overloaded inequality operator to check if two Vector3D structures are not equal.

// Checks if two Vector3D structures are not equal using the overloaded inequality operator.

Vector3D vector1 = new Vector3D(20, 30, 40);
Vector3D vector2 = new Vector3D(45, 70, 80);
Boolean areNotEqual;

areNotEqual = (vector1 != vector2);
// areNotEqual is True
' Checks if two Vector3D structures are not equal using the overloaded inequality operator.

Dim vector1 As New Vector3D(20, 30, 40)
Dim vector2 As New Vector3D(45, 70, 80)
Dim areNotEqual As Boolean

areNotEqual = (vector1 <> vector2)
' areNotEqual is True


XVector3D 、およびZの各プロパティの値が異なる場合、2つの構造体は等しくありません。 YTwo Vector3D structures are not equal if the values of their X, Y, and Z properties are different.

Vector3D値は、値Doubleを使用して記述されます。Vector3D values are described using Double values. Double値は、操作時に精度が失われる可能性があるため、 Vector3D論理的に等しい2つの値の比較は失敗する可能性があります。Because the value of a Double can lose precision when operated upon, a comparison between two Vector3D values that are logically equal might fail.