Rect.IntersectsWith(Rect) メソッド


指定した四角形が、現在の四角形と交差するかどうかを示します。Indicates whether the specified rectangle intersects with the current rectangle.

 bool IntersectsWith(System::Windows::Rect rect);
public bool IntersectsWith (System.Windows.Rect rect);
member this.IntersectsWith : System.Windows.Rect -> bool
Public Function IntersectsWith (rect As Rect) As Boolean



確認対象の四角形。The rectangle to check.



指定した四角形が現在の四角形と交差する場合は true。それ以外の場合は falsetrue if the specified rectangle intersects with the current rectangle; otherwise, false.

次の例は、メソッドを使用して、2つの四角形が交差するかどうかを判断する方法を示して IntersectsWith います。The following example shows how to use the IntersectsWith method to determine if two rectangles intersect.

private bool intersectsWithExample()
    // Initialize new rectangle.
    Rect myRectangle = new Rect();

    // The Location property specifies the coordinates of the upper left-hand 
    // corner of the rectangle. 
    myRectangle.Location = new Point(10, 5);

    // Set the Size property of the rectangle with a width of 200
    // and a height of 50.
    myRectangle.Size = new Size(200, 50);

    // Create second rectangle to compare to the first.
    Rect myRectangle2 = new Rect();
    myRectangle2.Location = new Point(0, 0);
    myRectangle2.Size = new Size(200, 50);

    // IntersectsWith method indicates whether the specified rectangle intersects 
    // with this rectangle. doesIntersect returns true because the two rectangles
    // intersect. 
    bool doesIntersect = myRectangle.IntersectsWith(myRectangle2);

    // Returns true.
    return doesIntersect;