ActivityExecutionContext.ExecuteActivity(Activity) ActivityExecutionContext.ExecuteActivity(Activity) ActivityExecutionContext.ExecuteActivity(Activity) Method


複合アクティビティが、子アクティビティの実行をスケジュールするために呼び出します。Called by a composite activity to schedule the execution of a child activity. 初期化済み状態でない子アクティビティを実行することはできません。The workflow runtime disallows execution of a child activity that is not in the initialized state.

 void ExecuteActivity(System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Activity ^ activity);
public void ExecuteActivity (System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity activity);
member this.ExecuteActivity : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity -> unit


Activity Activity Activity

実行された ActivityThe executed Activity.


activity が null 参照 (Visual Basic の場合は Nothing) です。activity is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).

activityActivityExecutionContext の有効な子ではありません。activity is not a valid child of the ActivityExecutionContext. これは、引数が対応する Activity に等しいか、引数がコメントされた状態ではなく、この Activity に対応する ActivityExecutionContext の子であることを意味します。This means that either the argument is equal to the associated Activity or that the argument is not in the commented state and is a child of the Activity associated with this ActivityExecutionContext.

初期化済み状態でも Closed 状態でもありません。The status is neither initialized nor Closed.


状態が Closed であれば、Activity は初期化、実行済みです。If the status is Closed, the Activity is initialized and executed.