XmlAttributeCollection.InsertAfter(XmlAttribute, XmlAttribute) メソッド


指定した属性を、指定した参照属性の直後に挿入します。Inserts the specified attribute immediately after the specified reference attribute.

 virtual System::Xml::XmlAttribute ^ InsertAfter(System::Xml::XmlAttribute ^ newNode, System::Xml::XmlAttribute ^ refNode);
public virtual System.Xml.XmlAttribute InsertAfter (System.Xml.XmlAttribute newNode, System.Xml.XmlAttribute refNode);
abstract member InsertAfter : System.Xml.XmlAttribute * System.Xml.XmlAttribute -> System.Xml.XmlAttribute
override this.InsertAfter : System.Xml.XmlAttribute * System.Xml.XmlAttribute -> System.Xml.XmlAttribute
Public Overridable Function InsertAfter (newNode As XmlAttribute, refNode As XmlAttribute) As XmlAttribute



挿入する属性。The attribute to insert.


参照属性。The reference attribute. newNode は、refNode の後に配置されます。newNode is placed after the refNode.


コレクションに挿入する XmlAttributeThe XmlAttribute to insert into the collection.


このコレクションを作成したドキュメントと異なるドキュメントから newNode が作成されました。The newNode was created from a document different from the one that created this collection. または、refNode がこのコレクションのメンバーではありません。Or the refNode is not a member of this collection.

次の例では、ドキュメントに新しい属性を追加します。The following example adds a new attribute to a document.

#using <System.Xml.dll>

using namespace System;
using namespace System::IO;
using namespace System::Xml;

int main()
   XmlDocument^ doc = gcnew XmlDocument;
   doc->LoadXml( "<book ISBN='1-861001-57-5'><title>Pride And Prejudice</title></book>" );
   //Create a new attribute.
   XmlAttribute^ newAttr = doc->CreateAttribute( "genre" );
   newAttr->Value = "novel";
   //Create an attribute collection and add the new attribute
   //to the collection.
   XmlAttributeCollection^ attrColl = doc->DocumentElement->Attributes;
   attrColl->InsertAfter( newAttr, attrColl[ 0 ] );
   Console::WriteLine( "Display the modified XML...\r\n" );
   Console::WriteLine( doc->OuterXml );
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml;

public class Sample
  public static void Main(){
    XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
    doc.LoadXml("<book ISBN='1-861001-57-5'>" +
                "<title>Pride And Prejudice</title>" +

    //Create a new attribute.
    XmlAttribute newAttr = doc.CreateAttribute("genre");
    newAttr.Value = "novel";

    //Create an attribute collection and add the new attribute
    //to the collection.
    XmlAttributeCollection attrColl = doc.DocumentElement.Attributes;
    attrColl.InsertAfter(newAttr, attrColl[0]);

    Console.WriteLine("Display the modified XML...\r\n");
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Xml

public class Sample

  public shared sub Main()
    Dim doc as XmlDocument = new XmlDocument()
    doc.LoadXml("<book ISBN='1-861001-57-5'>" & _
                "<title>Pride And Prejudice</title>" & _

    'Create a new attribute.
    Dim newAttr as XmlAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute("genre")
    newAttr.Value = "novel"

    'Create an attribute collection and add the new attribute
    'to the collection.  
    Dim attrColl as XmlAttributeCollection = doc.DocumentElement.Attributes
    attrColl.InsertAfter(newAttr, attrColl.ItemOf(0))

    Console.WriteLine("Display the modified XML...")

  end sub
end class


同じ名前の属性がコレクション内に既に存在する場合、元の属性がコレクションから削除され、コレクションに newNode が挿入されます。If an attribute with the same name is already present in the collection, the original attribute is removed from the collection and newNode is inserted into the collection. refNodenull場合は、newNode がコレクションの先頭に挿入されます。If refNode is null, newNode is inserted at the beginning of the collection.

このメソッドは、ドキュメントオブジェクトモデル (DOM) の Microsoft 拡張機能です。This method is a Microsoft extension to the Document Object Model (DOM).