XmlNamedNodeMap.Item(Int32) メソッド


XmlNamedNodeMap 内の指定したインデックス位置にあるノードを取得します。Retrieves the node at the specified index in the XmlNamedNodeMap.

 virtual System::Xml::XmlNode ^ Item(int index);
public virtual System.Xml.XmlNode Item (int index);
public virtual System.Xml.XmlNode? Item (int index);
abstract member Item : int -> System.Xml.XmlNode
override this.Item : int -> System.Xml.XmlNode
Public Overridable Function Item (index As Integer) As XmlNode



XmlNamedNodeMap から取得するノードのインデックス位置。The index position of the node to retrieve from the XmlNamedNodeMap. インデックスは 0 から始まるため、最初のノードのインデックスは 0 で、最後のノードのインデックスは Count -1 になります。The index is zero-based; therefore, the index of the first node is 0 and the index of the last node is Count -1.



指定したインデックスにある XmlNode です。The XmlNode at the specified index. index が 0 未満か、Count プロパティ以上の場合は、null が返されます。If index is less than 0 or greater than or equal to the Count property, null is returned.

次の例では、 XmlAttributeCollection クラス (から継承) を使用して、 XmlNamedNodeMap 書籍のすべての属性を表示します。The following example uses the XmlAttributeCollection class (which inherits from XmlNamedNodeMap) to display all the attributes of a book.

#using <System.Xml.dll>

using namespace System;
using namespace System::IO;
using namespace System::Xml;
int main()
   XmlDocument^ doc = gcnew XmlDocument;
   doc->LoadXml( "<book genre='novel' publicationdate='1997'>   <title>Pride And Prejudice</title></book>" );
   XmlAttributeCollection^ attrColl = doc->DocumentElement->Attributes;
   Console::WriteLine( "Display all the attributes for this book..." );
   for ( int i = 0; i < attrColl->Count; i++ )
      Console::WriteLine( "{0} = {1}", attrColl->Item( i )->Name, attrColl->Item( i )->Value );


using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml;

public class Sample
  public static void Main()
     XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
     doc.LoadXml("<book genre='novel' publicationdate='1997'> " +
                 "  <title>Pride And Prejudice</title>" +

     XmlAttributeCollection attrColl = doc.DocumentElement.Attributes;

     Console.WriteLine("Display all the attributes for this book...");
     for (int i=0; i < attrColl.Count; i++)
        Console.WriteLine("{0} = {1}", attrColl.Item(i).Name, attrColl.Item(i).Value);
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Xml

public class Sample

  public shared sub Main()

    Dim doc as XmlDocument = new XmlDocument()
    doc.LoadXml("<book genre='novel' publicationdate='1997'> " & _
                "  <title>Pride And Prejudice</title>" & _
    Dim attrColl as XmlAttributeCollection = doc.DocumentElement.Attributes

    Console.WriteLine("Display all the attributes for this book...")
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To attrColl.Count - 1
       Console.WriteLine("{0} = {1}", attrColl.Item(i).Name,attrColl.Item(i).Value)
  end sub
end class