Translating Base App Help using AL Extensions

With an AL extension you can override the default help link for Dynamics 365 Business Central and re-direct users pressing the Help button to another website. This also enables translating help for base app objects.


This feature is not available for per-tenant extensions, and any usage will be caught by the PerTenantExtensionCop Analyzer.

Help properties

In the app.json file, two properties control the help URL and the supported locale of the help. For help on manifest files, see JSON Files.

The helpBaseUrl property represents the URL that will be used to overwrite the default Microsoft help link, which is (/{0}/dynamics365/business-central). This URL must contain a placeholder {0} for the user's locale culture. The supportedLocales property is used to specify the list of locales that are supported by the URL specified in the helpBaseUrl property and used in the translation app. If the user's current locale is among the supportedLocales of the extension, the user will be re-directed to the help base URL that you specified. The settings in the app.json file look like this:

"helpBaseUrl": "{0}/business-central/",
"supportedLocales": ["da-DK"]

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