Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Solution

Unique Name
Customization Prefix


The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
msfp_emailtemplate Template for an email message that contains the survey invitation link.
msfp_fileresponse Response to a file upload question.
msfp_localizedemailtemplate Stores localized data for email templates.
msfp_project Set of surveys to collect feedback.
msfp_question Question in a survey to collect feedback.
msfp_questionresponse Response to a question in a survey.
msfp_satisfactionmetric Satisfaction metric defined for a project.
msfp_survey Set of questions to collect feedback.
msfp_surveyinvite Activity that tracks a survey invitation sent to a person.
msfp_surveyreminder Email reminders for surveys created in Customer Voice.
msfp_surveyresponse Response to a survey.
msfp_unsubscribedrecipient Email address of an unsubscribed respondent.
systemuser Person with access to the Microsoft CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft CRM database.

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