Product Management Solution

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The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
connection Relationship between two entities.
contact Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.
dynamicproperty Information about a product property.
dynamicpropertyassociation Association of a property definition with another entity in the system.
dynamicpropertyinstance Instance of a property with its value.
dynamicpropertyoptionsetitem Item with a name and value in a property option set type.
expiredprocess Expired Process Business Process Flow
knowledgearticle Organizational knowledge for internal and external use.
newprocess New Process Business Process Flow
pricelevel Entity that defines pricing levels.
product Information about products and their pricing information.
productassociation Instance of a product added to a bundle or kit.
productpricelevel Information about how to price a product in the specified price level, including pricing method, rounding option, and discount type based on a specified product unit.
productsubstitute Information about the selling relationship between two products, including the relationship type, such as up-sell, cross-sell, substitute, or accessory.
systemuser Person with access to the Microsoft CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft CRM database.
translationprocess Translation Process Business Process Flow
uom Unit of measure.
uomschedule Grouping of units.

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