Use Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview)

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) to prepare your 3D models to use in Dynamics 365 mixed-reality applications.

Import Tool flow

Before you use the Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview), you need to convert and optimize your models. For more information, see these topics:

Import your models with the Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview)

  1. On your PC, open Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview).

  2. Select Models > PC, and then select Add models.

  3. Go to the folder where your models are saved, and then select the models you want to import (up to 25 at a time).

  4. Select Open.

If you encounter file access errors when importing files

3D models sometimes reference other files in your file system, such as textures and materials files. Your imported 3D model might not look correct if Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) can’t access these files, in which case, you might see this error dialog box:

File access errors dialog box

There are two primary reasons why Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) might not have access to these files:

  • No permissions. For the safety and security of your files, Windows 10 does not allow all Windows Store applications full access to the files in your system. To allow Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) access to your files, select Grant permissions, go to the folder(s) that contains the files, and then select the folder(s). This grants access to all files in the folder. Alternatively, you can move your 3D models and all their referenced files to the 3D Objects folder.

  • Missing files. Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) expects the files to appear in the exact file paths listed in the dialog box. If files are not there, they will be marked as missing. Move the missing files to locations indicated in the dialog box, or update the original 3D model.

Locate your converted assets

Files created with Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) are stored locally. To find the files on your local drive:

  1. Open Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview).

  2. Right-click a model, and then select Open file location.

    Locate model

Provide feedback on the quality of processed 3D models

You can provide feedback on the quality of processed 3D models if you're not satisfied.

  1. Select the Models or All tab, and then select the model you want to provide feedback on.

  2. At the bottom of the Properties tab, under How does the model look?, select Looks good or Looks broken to record your feedback.

    Provide feedback


    You can't update feedback after you submit it.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview)?

Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) requires users to be signed in with their Active Directory account to access the application. Users need to be connected to Wi-Fi the very first time the application is launched. After the first launch, they need to be connected to Wi-Fi once every 30 days so that the application can validate that the user has a valid Active Directory account for continued use of the application.

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