educationStudent リソースの種類educationStudent resource type

ユーザーの primaryRole が student の場合に存在する educationUser に追加される、その他の情報。Additional information added to an educationUser that is present when the primaryRole of a user is student.


プロパティProperty Type 説明Description
birthDatebirthDate DateDate 学生の生年月日。Birth date of the student.
externalIdexternalId StringString ソース システムの学生の ID。ID of the student in the source system.
gendergender educationGendereducationGender 使用可能な値はfemalemaleotherunknownFutureValue、です。The possible values are: female, male, other, unknownFutureValue.
gradegrade StringString 学生の現在の学年。Current grade level of the student.
graduationYeargraduationYear StringString 学生が学校から卒業する年。Year the student is graduating from the school.
studentNumberstudentNumber StringString 学生番号。Student Number.

JSON 表記JSON representation

リソースの JSON 表記を次に示します。The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "birthDate": "String (timestamp)",
  "externalId": "String",
  "gender": "educationGender",
  "grade": "String",
  "graduationYear": "String",
  "studentNumber": "String"