physicalAddress リソースの種類physicalAddress resource type

連絡先やイベントなどのリソースの番地を表します。Represents the street address of a resource such as a contact or event.


プロパティProperty Type 説明Description
citycity StringString 市区町村。The city.
countryOrRegioncountryOrRegion StringString 国または地域。自由形式の文字列値です。例: 「米国」。The country or region. It's a free-format string value, for example, "United States".
postalCodepostalCode StringString 郵便番号。The postal code.
statestate StringString 都道府県。The state.
streetstreet StringString 番地。The street.

JSON 表記JSON representation

以下は、リソースの JSON 表記ですHere is a JSON representation of the resource

  "city": "string",
  "countryOrRegion": "string",
  "postalCode": "string",
  "state": "string",
  "street": "string"