This project is an experimental release. We hope you try out Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings and provide feedback at



As an experimental project, there are several active areas of development and we're looking for your feedback to help set the direction for this project.

Areas for possible improvement

  • Add support for Hot Reload
  • Support for inline text and markup in issues MobileBlazorBindings#26 and MobileBlazorBindings#27
  • Implement more wrappers for Xamarin.Forms elements. The most common Xamarin.Forms elements are available for use with Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings, but there are more still to come. Follow this issue on GitHub to track the availability of components, or file a new issue with any feature suggestions.
  • The current elements are mostly direct wrappers of Xamarin.Forms components. An open question is whether there should be components that are more abstract and/or match other patterns such as web-based patterns.
  • Better support for the Shell component.
  • Support URL-based navigation, both with the Shell component, and using Blazor's @page directive URL support.
  • Improved handling of modal dialogs and pop-ups. There is support for basic modal dialogs using the ModalContainer component, as seen in the Todo app sample.