���[���̕ۑ��ꏊ�ŕ����N���C�A���g�̃��b�Z�[�W�ւ̃A�N�Z�X��T�|�[�gSupporting Multiple Client Access to Messages in Message Stores

適用されます: OutlookApplies to: Outlook

複数のクライアント アプリケーションが特定のメッセージを同時に開くことができます。It is possible for multiple client applications to open a given message simultaneously. メッセージ ストア プロバイダーは、このようなアクセスを制御するための特定の規則に従う必要はありません。Message store providers do not have to follow any particular rules for governing such access. ただし、クライアント アプリケーションは、メッセージを変更すると、それらの変更内容を保存、ストア プロバイダーは次の規則に従う必要があります。However, if the client applications modify the message and save their changes, the store provider should comply with the following rules:

  • ���b�Z�[�W��J���Ă���B��̃N���C�A���g�̏ꍇ�Ɠ��l�ɑ��s����IMAPIProp::SaveChanges���\�b�h�̍ŏ��̌Ăяo������‚��܂��BAllow the first call to the IMAPIProp::SaveChanges method to proceed as if it were the only client that has the message open.

  • �㑱 SaveChanges�ʘb�𑼂̃N���C�A���g�ɂ���āA���b�Z�[�W �X�g�A �v���o�C�_�[���ύX�𖳎����AMAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED ��Ԃ��K�v������܂��BOn the subsequent SaveChanges calls by other clients, the message store provider should ignore the changes and return MAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED.

  • FORCE_SAVE �t���O������x SaveChanges�Ăяo���ɂ��AMAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED ���^�[�� �R�[�h�ɑΉ�����A�v���P�[�V�����ɃN���C�A���g��g�p�ł��܂��B�N���C�A���g �A�v���P�[�V�����ł́A���b�Z�[�W �X�g�A �v���o�C�_�[�́A�V�����ňȑO�̕ύX��u�������Ă��������BAllow client applications to respond to a MAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED return code by calling SaveChanges again with the FORCE_SAVE flag. If a client application does this, the message store provider should replace the previous changes with the new ones.

�܂��́A���b�Z�[�W �X�g�A �v���o�C�_�[�́A��������o���A���[�U�[���A���̃��b�Z�[�W��ێ�����A�V�����ύX] �ŁA���̃��b�Z�[�W��㏑������A�܂��͕ʂ̏ꏊ�ɕύX��ۑ����邩�ǂ�����I��ł���C���^�[�t�F�C�X��s�����Ƃ��ł��܂��BAlternatively, the message store provider can detect the conflict and present an interface that enables the user to choose whether to keep the original message, overwrite the original message with the new changes, or save the new changes to another location.

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