PivotValueCell オブジェクト (Excel)PivotValueCell object (Excel)

実際のセル (Range オブジェクト) が使用できない場合にセル内の値を表示する方法を提供します。Provides a way to expose values of cells in the case that actual cells (Range objects) are not available.


ここでは、PivotValueCell プロパティを使用して、PivotTable の 1 つのセルの値がもう 1 つのセルの値よりも大きいかどうかを調べます。This code sample uses the PivotValueCell property to test whether the value of one cell in a PivotTable is greater than another cell.

Sub TestEquality()
Dim X As Double
Dim Y As Double

'This code assumes that you have a Standalone PivotChart on one of the worksheets.
X = ThisWorkbook.PivotTables(1).PivotValueCell(1, 1).Value
Y = ThisWorkbook.PivotTables(1).PivotValueCell(1, 2).Value

If X > Y Then
MsgBox "X is greater than Y"
MsgBox "Y is greater than X"
End If
End Sub



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