WorksheetFunction メソッド (Excel)WorksheetFunction.Replace method (Excel)

指定した文字数に基づいて、テキスト文字列の一部を別のテキスト文字列で置き換えます。Replaces part of a text string, based on the number of characters that you specify, with a different text string.


Replace(Arg1Arg2Arg3Arg4)expression.Replace (Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)

: WorksheetFunction オブジェクトを表す変数。expression A variable that represents a WorksheetFunction object.


名前Name 必須 / オプションRequired/Optional データ型Data type 説明Description
Arg1Arg1 必須Required StringString 置き換えを行う文字列を指定します。Text in which you want to replace some characters.
Arg2Arg2 必須Required DoubleDouble Arg4 と置き換える Arg1 内の文字の位置を指定します。The position of the character in Arg1 that you want to replace with Arg4.
Arg3Arg3 必須Required DoubleDouble Replace メソッドで Arg4 と置き換える Arg1 内の文字の数を指定します。The number of characters in Arg1 that you want the Replace method to replace with Arg4.
Arg4Arg4 必須Required StringString Arg1 の一部と置き換える文字列を指定します。Text that will replace characters in Arg1.

戻り値Return value

置換後の新しい文字列を表す文字列型 (string ) の値を指定します。A String value that represents the new string, after replacement.


次の使用例は、abcdef を ac-ef に置き換え、その処理経過を表示します。This example replaces abcdef with ac-ef and notifies the user during this process.

Sub UseReplace() 
 Dim strCurrent As String 
 Dim strReplaced As String 
 strCurrent = "abcdef" 
 ' Notify user and display current string. 
 MsgBox "The current string is: " & strCurrent 
 ' Replace "cd" with "-". 
 strReplaced = Application.WorksheetFunction.Replace _ 
 (Arg1:=strCurrent, Arg2:=3, _ 
 Arg3:=2, Arg4:="-") 
 ' Notify user and display replaced string. 
 MsgBox "The replaced string is: " & strReplaced 
End Sub

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