FileDialog.SelectedItems プロパティ (Office)FileDialog.SelectedItems property (Office)

FileDialogSelectedItems コレクションを取得します。Gets a FileDialogSelectedItems collection. このコレクションには、FileDialog オブジェクトの Show メソッドによって表示されたファイルのダイアログ ボックスでユーザーが選択したファイルのパスの一覧が含まれます。This collection contains a list of the paths of the files that a user selected from a file dialog box displayed by using the Show method of the FileDialog object. 読み取り専用です。Read-only.



expression FileDialog オブジェクトを表す変数を指定します。expression A variable that represents a FileDialog object.


次の使用例は、FileDialog オブジェクトを使用して [ファイル ピッカー] ダイアログ ボックスを表示し、選択された各ファイルをメッセージ ボックスに表示します。The following example displays a File Picker dialog box by using the FileDialog object, and displays each selected file in a message box.

Sub Main() 
 'Declare a variable as a FileDialog object. 
 Dim fd As FileDialog 
 'Create a FileDialog object as a File Picker dialog box. 
 Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) 
 'Declare a variable to contain the path 
 'of each selected item. Even though the path is aString, 
 'the variable must be a Variant because For Each...Next 
 'routines only work with Variants and Objects. 
 Dim vrtSelectedItem As Variant 
 'Use a With...End With block to reference the FileDialog object. 
 With fd 
 'Allow the user to select multiple files. 
 .AllowMultiSelect = True 
 'Use the Show method to display the File Picker dialog box and return the user's action. 
 'If the user presses the button... 
 If .Show = -1 Then 
 'Step through each string in the FileDialogSelectedItems collection. 
 For Each vrtSelectedItem In .SelectedItems 
 'vrtSelectedItem is aString that contains the path of each selected item. 
 'You can use any file I/O functions that you want to work with this path. 
 'This example displays the path in a message box. 
 MsgBox "Selected item's path: " & vrtSelectedItem 
 'If the user presses Cancel... 
 End If 
 End With 
 'Set the object variable to Nothing. 
 Set fd = Nothing 
End Sub

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