Web API Action Reference

Actions represent operations which may have observable side effects, such as creating or updating records. An Action may require parameters and may return a value. Actions may be bound to entity types.

In This Section

Name Description
AddAppComponents Adds app components to a business app.
AddMembersTeam Adds members to a team.
AddPrincipalToQueue Adds the specified principal to the list of queue members.
AddPrivilegesRole Adds a set of existing privileges to an existing role.
AddRecurrence Adds recurrence information to an existing appointment.
AddSolutionComponent Adds a solution component to an unmanaged solution.
AddToQueue Moves an entity record from a source queue to a destination queue.
AddUserToRecordTeam Adds a user to the auto created access team for the specified record.
AlmHandler Synchronizes models in the AI Builder backend.
Analyze Initiates process mining for the process to generate analytics on the associated data.
AnalyzeSentiment Analyzes sentiments.
ApplyRecordCreationAndUpdateRule Applies record creation and update rules to activities in 365 created as a result of the integration with external applications.
AutoMapEntity Generates a new set of attribute mappings based on the metadata.
BackgroundSendEmail Send email messages asynchronously.
BatchGetFlowMachineStatus Returns the current connection status for the stated machines.
BatchPrediction Runs batch prediction on an AI Model.
Book Schedules or "books" an appointment, recurring appointment, or service appointment (service activity).
BulkDelete Submits a bulk delete job that deletes selected records in bulk. This job runs asynchronously in the background without blocking other activities.
BulkDetectDuplicates Submits an asynchronous system job that detects and logs multiple duplicate records.
CalculatePrice Calculates price in an opportunity, quote, order, and invoice.
CanBeReferenced Checks whether the specified entity can be the primary entity (one) in a one-to-many relationship.
CanBeReferencing Checkes whether an entity can be the referencing entity in a one-to-many relationship.
CancelDesktopFlowRun Cancel an ongoing desktop flow run.
CancelTraining Cancels the training of an AI model.
CanManyToMany Checks whether an entity can participate in a many-to-many relationship.
cascadeAsync_SuccessAPI Register a plug-in step on this message to be notified when an asynchronous cascade operation succeeds.
CategorizeText Categorizes text.
CloneAsPatch Creates a solution patch from a managed or unmanaged solution.
CloneAsSolution Creates a new copy of an unmanged solution that contains the original solution plus all of its patches.
CloneMobileOfflineProfile For internal use only.
CommitAnnotationBlocksUpload Commits the uploaded data blocks to the annotation store.
CommitFileBlocksUpload Commits the uploaded data blocks to the file store.
CompoundUpdateDuplicateDetectionRule Updates a duplicate rule (duplicate detection rule) and its related duplicate rule conditions.
ConvertOwnerTeamToAccessTeam Converts a team of type owner to a team of type access.
CopySystemForm Creates a new entity form that is based on an existing entity form.
CreateAsyncJobToRevokeInheritedAccess Creates an async job to correct inherited access.
CreateCustomerRelationships Creates a new customer lookup attribute, and optionally, to add it to a specified unmanaged solution.
CreateException Creates an exception for the recurring appointment instance.
CreateInstance Creates future unexpanded instances for the recurring appointment master.
CreateKnowledgeArticleTranslation Creates translation of a knowledge article instance.
CreateKnowledgeArticleVersion Creates a major or minor version of a knowledge article instance.
CreatePolymorphicLookupAttribute Create a multi-table lookup column.
CreateWorkflowFromTemplate Creates a workflow (process) from a workflow template.
DeleteAndPromote Replaces managed solution (A) plus all of its patches with managed solution (B) that is the clone of (A) and all of its patches.
DeleteAuditData Deletes all audit data records up until a specified end date.
DeleteFile Deletes a stored binary file, attachment, or annotation.
DeleteOpenInstances Deletes instances of a recurring appointment master that have an “Open” state.
DeleteOptionValue Deletes an option value in a global or local option set.
DeleteRecordChangeHistory Deletes all audit change history records for a particular record.
DeliverImmediatePromoteEmail Delivers an email from an email client.
DeliverIncomingEmail Creates an email activity record from an incoming email message.
DeliverPromoteEmail Creates an email activity record from the specified email message
DeprovisionLanguage Deprovisions a language.
DetectLanguage Detects the language.
DownloadBlock Downloads a data block.
DownloadSolutionExportData Download the exported solution data.
ExecuteWorkflow Executes a workflow.
ExportMappingsImportMap Exports a data map as an XML formatted data.
ExportSolution Exports a solution.
ExportSolutionAsync Exports a solution using an asynchronous job.
ExportTranslation Exports all translations for a specific solution to a compressed file.
ExtractKeyPhrases Extracts key phrases from text.
ExtractTextEntities Extracts entities from inputted text.
FullTextSearchKnowledgeArticle Performs a full-text search on knowledge articles in Dynamics 365 using the specified search text.
GenerateSharedLink Generates a shareable link that grants access to the specified record for office collaboration.
GenerateSocialProfile Returns an existing social profile record if one exists, otherwise generates a new one and returns it.
GetAutoNumberSeed Returns the value set as the seed value for a specified table and column.
GetJobStatus Get the status of a job. The message status returned contains the correlation id and the organization id.
GetNextAutoNumberValue Returns the value that will be assigned to the next record for a specified table and column based on the last autonumber used.
GetPublicKey Returns the public key of a FlowMachineGroup of FlowGroupType Default.
GetTrackingTokenEmail Returns a tracking token that can then be passed as a parameter to the SendEmailRequest message.
GrantAccess Grants a security principal (user or team) access to the specified record.
ImmediateBook Books an appointment obeying the scheduling engine selected and resource availability. If the resources involved are available at the specified time, this operation creates new appointment record and returns a successful validation result. Otherwise, it returns a failed validation result.
ImportCardTypeSchema Imports and create a new cardtype required by the installed solution.
ImportFieldTranslation Imports translations from a compressed file.
ImportMappingsImportMap Imports the XML representation of a data map and create an import map (data map) based on this data.
ImportRecordsImport Submits an asynchronous job that uploads the transformed data into Microsoft Dynamics 365.
ImportSolution Imports a solution.
ImportSolutionAsync Imports a solution using an asynchronous job.
ImportTranslation Imports translations from a compressed file.
Ingest Initializes ingestion for a recording to prep it to be ready for labelling and process mining.
InitializeAnnotationBlocksDownload Initialize the download of one or more annotation data blocks.
InitializeAnnotationBlocksUpload Initializes annotation storage for receiving (uploading) one or more annotation data blocks.
InitializeAttachmentBlocksDownload Initializes the download of one or more attachment data blocks.
InitializeAttachmentBlocksUpload Initializes attachment storage for receiving (uploading) one or more attachment data blocks.
InitializeFileBlocksDownload Initializes the download of one or more binary data blocks.
InitializeFileBlocksUpload Initializes file storage for receiving (uploading) one or more binary data blocks.
InsertOptionValue Inserts a new option value for a global or local option set.
InsertStatusValue Inserts a new option into a StatusAttributeMetadata attribute.
install Creates an endpoint for an individual user to invoke a flow with the necessary connections that are specific to the invoker.
InstallSampleData Installs the sample data.
InstantiateFilters Instantiates a set of filters for Dynamics 365 for Outlook for the specified user.
InstantiateTemplate Creates an email message from a template (email template).
IsPaiEnabled Checks whether AI Builder is enabled on a given environment.
IsPmEnabled Determines if the process mining feature is enabled.
LeaveGroup Leaves the curent flowmachinegroup and created a default flowmachinegroup for the bound flowmachine.
Merge Merges the information from two entity records of the same type.
ModifyAccess Replaces the access rights on the target record for the specified security principal (user or team).
msdyn_CreateActionFlow This action creates the action flows for SLA items when user clicks on configure button on SLA item page.
msdyn_DeleteCalendar Deletes the inner calendar rules of a calendar on a selected entity as specified by the data in the CalendarEventInfo parameter.
msdyn_FixSLARelationshipsOnTargetEntities Fixes the cascade delete property of sla to target entity relationship by doing update SDK call.
msdyn_GetKAObjectFromTemplate Create a knowledge article from an existing knowledge article template.
msdyn_ManageSLAInstances Manages create and update of SLA instances on create/update of target entity record.
msdyn_MigrateSlaProactiveRun Runs a SLA migration Proactive Run for validation
msdyn_SaveCalendar Creates or updates calendar records on a selected entity, based on the inputs passed as the request
msdyn_SendEmailFromTemplate Sends an email from a template after action gets triggered.
msdyn_SLACustomTimeCalculationTemplate Register a plug-in step for this message to customize the calculation of the warning time and the failure time of SLA KPIs by enabling own custom time calculation.
msdyn_SLATimeCalculation Register a plug-in step to calculate the warning time and failure time for SLA kpi instance based on the input parameters.
OnExternalCreated Notifies Dataverse about a record that was created in an external system exposed as a virtual table in Dataverse.
OnExternalDeleted Notifies Dataverse about a record that was deleted in an external system exposed as a virtual table in Dataverse.
OnExternalUpdated Notifies Dataverse about a record that was updated in an external system exposed as a virtual table in Dataverse.
OrderOption Sets the order for an option set.
ParseImport Submits an asynchronous job that parses all import files that are associated with the specified import (data import).
PickFromQueue Assigns a queue item to a user and optionally remove the queue item from the queue.
Predict Uses AI to make a prediction.
PredictByReference Run real time prediction with reference to record to predict on.
PredictionSchema Gets the prediction schema.
ProvisionLanguage Provisions a new language.
ProvisionLanguageAsync Provisions a new language using a background job.
PublishAIConfiguration Publishes an AI configuration
PublishAllXml Publishes all changes to solution components.
PublishAllXmlAsync Publishes all changes to solution components asynchronously.
PublishDuplicateRule Submits an asynchronous job to publish a duplicate rule.
PublishTheme Publishes a theme and set it as the current theme.
PublishXml Publishes specified solution components.
QueryExpressionToFetchXml Converts a QueryExpression query to its equivalent FetchXML query
QueueUpdateRibbonClientMetadata Queues UpdateRibbonClientMetadata to a background job.
QuickTest Uses AI to make a prediction.
ReactivateEntityKey Submit a new asynchronous system job to create the index for the key.
ReassignObjectsOwner Reassigns all records that are owned by the security principal (user or team) to another security principal (user or team).
ReassignObjectsSystemUser Reassigns all records that are owned by a specified user to another security principal (user or team).
Recalculate Recalculate system-computed values for rollup fields in the goal hierarchy.
RecognizeText Extracts text from a document.
RegisterFlowMachine Registers a flowmachine to use with Desktop Flows direct connectivity.
ReleaseToQueue Assigns a queue item back to the queue owner so others can pick it.
RemoveAppComponents Removes a component from an app.
RemoveFromQueue Removes a queue item from a queue.
RemoveMembersTeam Removes members from a team.
RemoveParent Removes the parent for a system user (user) record.
RemovePrivilegeRole Removes a privilege from an existing role.
RemoveSolutionComponent Removes a component from an unmanaged solution.
RemoveUserFromRecordTeam Removes a user from the auto created access team for the specified record.
ReplacePrivilegesRole Replaces the privilege set of an existing role.
Reschedule Reschedules an appointment, recurring appointment, or service appointment (service activity).
ResetUserFilters Resets the offline data filters for the calling user to the default filters for the organization.
RevokeAccess Replaces the access rights on the target record for the specified security principal (user or team).
RevokeSharedLink Revokes an existing SharedLink. All users who clicked on the link will lose access.
RouteTo Routes a queue item to a queue, a user, or a team.
RunDesktopFlow Trigger a new run of a desktop flow.
SaveSettingValue Creates or updates app/organization level override.
SchedulePrediction Schedules a prediction for an AI model.
ScheduleRetrain Schedules retraining for an AI model.
ScheduleTraining Schedules training for an AI model.
searchautocomplete Provides autocompletion of input as the user enters text into a form field.
searchquery Provides a search results page.
searchsuggest Provides suggestions as the user enters text into a form field.
SendBulkMail Sends bulk email messages.
SendEmail Sends an e-mail message.
SendEmailFromTemplate Sends an e-mail message to a recipient using an e-mail template.
SendFax Sends a fax.
SendTemplate Sends a bulk email message that is created from a template.
SetBusinessSystemUser Moves a system user (user) to a different business unit.
SetDataEncryptionKey Sets or restore the data encryption key.
SetFeatureStatus internal
SetLocLabels Sets localized labels for a limited set of entity attributes.
SetParentSystemUser Sets a new parent system user (user) for the specified user.
SetParentTeam Sets the parent business unit of a team.
SetProcess Sets the process that associates with a given target entity. The user can set to another business process or specify null to clear out the current process.
SetReportRelated Links an instance of a report entity to related entities.
StageAndUpgrade Imports a solution, stages it for upgrade, and applies the upgrade as the default (when applicable).
StageSolution Stage the solution for upgrade.
SyncBulkOperation Performs bulk operations to cancel, resume, or pause workflows.
Train Trains a new model.
TransformImport Submits an asynchronous job that transforms the parsed data.
TriggerServiceEndpointCheck Validates the configuration of a Microsoft Azure Service Bus solution’s service endpoint.
UninstallSampleData Uninstalls the sample data.
UnpublishAIConfiguration Unpublishes an AI configuration.
UnpublishDuplicateRule Submits an asynchronous job to unpublish a duplicate rule.
UnschedulePrediction Unschedules batch prediction on an AI model.
UnscheduleTraining Unschedules training for an AI Model.
UpdateFeatureConfig internal
UpdateOptionValue Updates an option value in a global or local option set.
UpdateSolutionComponent Updates a component in an unmanaged solution.
UpdateStateValue Updates an option set value in for a StateAttributeMetadata attribute.
UploadBlock Uploads a block of data to storage.
UpsertCompositeDataSource API responsible for creating or updating a composite environment variable.
UpsertEnvironmentVariable API responsible for creating or updating an environment variable.
Validate Verifies that an appointment or service appointment (service activity) has valid available resources for the activity, duration, and site, as appropriate.
ValidateAIConfiguration Validates an AI configuration.
ValidateSavedQuery Validates a saved query.
ValidateUnpublished Validates that a mobile offline profile, including unpublished changes, can be published.

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