Update SSRS Report after SharePoint is disabled


TFS 2018 and later versions no longer support native integration with SharePoint products. If you're planning to upgrade to TFS 2018, read About SharePoint integration to learn about the options available to you.

Displaying SSRS Reports on a SharePoint will continue to work, even after disabling SharePoint integration. Displaying SSRS Reports in SharePoint is based on SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting Services technologies. It doesn't require the TFS Extension for SharePoint to operate.

TFS/SharePoint Integration - Update SSRS Report

The TFS site used the standard SharePoint Page Viewer web part with a URL to the SSRS Report.

The TFS Extension for SharePoint provided a URL re-director called tfsRedirect.aspx which would look up the location of the SQL Services Reporting Server and redirect to the URL to display the report. If you edited the properties of the Page Viewer web part hosting the SSRS report, you would see a URL that looks something like this:


Installing TFS Disconnector for SharePoint replaces tfsRedirect.aspx with a version that will continue to work until you do one of the following:

  • Move the location of your SQL Services Reporting Server
  • Rename your team project
  • Rename your collection

If any of these changes are made, then you must replace the URL in the Page Viewer web part with the full URL to the SSRS Report.

Follow these steps to replace the URL:

  1. Edit the Page Viewer web part

  2. Paste the following into the URL field

  3. Replace REPORTSERVER with the name of your TFS SSRS server

  4. Replace COLLECTIONNAME with the name of the TFS Collection. Typically, this is "DefaultCollection"

  5. Replace PROJECTNAME with the name of your team project

  6. Replace REPORTNAME with the name of your report.


    You are building a URL. If any of the above replacements have spaces in the name, you'll need to replace the space with "%20" to ensure it is a well-formed URL. For example "My Team Project" would be "My%20Team%20Project".

  7. Save your changes to the PageViewer web part.