Sysinternals Library

  • Advanced DPCs
    Learn about some of the advanced (undocumented) features of DPCs.
  • BOOT.INI Options
    The most complete BOOT.INI option reference available.
  • Inside Disk Defragmenting
    Find out about the APIs Windows NT Defragmentation products use.
  • Inside the Disk Key
    The HKLM\System\Disk\Information value is the heart of Windows NT's disk administration. It contains information on drive mappings and fault tolerant configurations. In this article I go inside the Disk\Information value to describe its format.
  • Inside High Resolution Timers
    Learn how high resolution multimedia timers are implemented in Windows NT.
  • Inside I/O Completion Ports
    Learn about Completion Ports, a powerful tool for building scalable high-performance server applications, and find out what goes on inside of NT to implement them.
  • Inside Native Applications
    Learn what a "native" Windows NT application is, how they are built, and how they work.
  • Monitoring Boot-time Registry Access
    Regmon for Windows NT Version 3.7 lets you monitor and record Registry activity from very early in a system boot. Learn about Windows by examining the Registry activity of an entire boot-to-boot life cycle!
  • Sysinternals at Microsoft
    Sysinternals tools are used heavily by Microsoft developers and support personnel. They are referenced in over two dozen Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and this page serves as a list of the ones we know of.
  • Sysinternals Newsletter
    The Sysinternals newsletter archives provide miscellaneous tips and information on Windows internals.
  • Tips and Trivia
    A growing grab-bag of Windows NT miscellany.
  • Understanding Malware: Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits
    Mark Russinovich gives an introduction to malware and manual cleaning techniques in one of the top-10 rated of all on-demand Microsoft webcasts.
  • Windows 2000 Quantums
    Find out about internal quantum tables in Windows 2000.