GetEnvironment Method

Gets information about the environment that the control add-in is using.

Method Signature

object Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.GetEnvironment()

Return Value

Returns an object that contains the following members:

Member Description


Type: String

The name of the user that is logged into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.


Type: String

The name of the company that the current user is using on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.


Type: Integer

An integer indicating the type of device that the control add-in is being rendered on. Possible values:

0 – Desktop client, either Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.

1 – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet client.


Type: Boolean

A boolean indicating whether the client is currently busy. The client could, for example, be busy performing an asynchronous call to the server.


Type: function

A function that is called when the Busy state of the client has changed.

Function Syntax

The syntax of the function is the following:

function callback()


This code example illustrates how you can assign members of the object return type to variables and use the Busy member to determine whether the client is busy or not.

var environment = Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.GetEnvironment();
var userName = environment.UserName;
var companyName = environment.CompanyName;
environment.OnBusyChanged = function() 
    if (environment.Busy) {
        // The client is now busy.
    else {
        // The client is not busy anymore.

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