Protocol version support for .NET client library versions

The following table shows which storage services REST protocol versions are supported for each version of the .NET Storage Client Library.

Storage Client Library Version Underlying REST Protocol Version
1.7 2011-08-18
2.x 2012-02-12
3.x 2013-08-15
4.x 2014-02-14
5.x 2015-02-21
6.x 2015-04-05
7.0 2015-07-08
7.1 2015-12-11
8.0 2016-05-31
8.2 2017-04-17
9.0 2017-07-29
9.2 2017-11-09
9.3 2018-03-28
10.x 2018-11-09
11.x 2019-02-02

For .NET storage client library documentation, see Storage Client Library .NET.

For a complete list of storage client library versions, see the Windows Azure Storage NuGet page.


It is not possible to modify the REST protocol version used by a given client library version. A new major version of the client library usually takes advantage of new features and changes available in a new protocol version of the Azure storage services. Each client library version issues requests only against the protocol version on which it is based.

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