Windows.Devices.Sensors.Custom Namespace

Provides access to a custom sensor and its related data.



Represents a custom sensor.

This class reuses the same ReadingChanged event mechanism and the same common properties (DeviceId, ReportInterval ) as the Windows.Devices.Sensors classes (Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetometer, and so on).


Represents a property set of key/value pairs that contain the custom data sent from the sensor’s driver to the app.

Each key is a string that represents a PROPERTYKEY. Each value can be an integer, Boolean, float, or double.


Represents data for the reading– changed event of the custom sensor.


This namespace enables hardware manufactures to expose sensors that don’t have first class representations like Accelerometer. This namespace provides access to the CustomSensor class to represent sensors without a first class representation. Additionally, this namespace will extend the first class representation with a value collection to expose custom values.

Custom sensors

This namespace includes the new CustomSensor, CustomSensorReadingChangedEventArgs, and CustomSensorReading classes that are modeled on the Windows.Devices.Sensors classes (Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetometer, and so on).

Native sensors extensibility

This namespace adds a list property of key/value pairs to each one of the native sensor "reading" classes. The list property is mapped on the CustomSensorReading class.

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