InterstitialAd InterstitialAd InterstitialAd InterstitialAd InterstitialAd Class


Represents a control that displays interstitial video or interstitial banner ads in an app. For walkthroughs and code examples that demonstrate how to use this control, see Interstitial ads and Advertising samples on GitHub.

public ref class InterstitialAd sealed
class InterstitialAd sealed
public sealed class InterstitialAd
function InterstitialAd()
Public NotInheritable Class InterstitialAd


M i c r o s o f t A d v e r t i s i n g S D K


InterstitialAd() InterstitialAd() InterstitialAd() InterstitialAd() InterstitialAd()

Initializes a new instance of the InterstitialAd class.


CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion

Gets or sets the two-letter country or region code where the user is located.

Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords

Gets or sets the keywords that target the audience for advertisements.

PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode

Gets or sets the postal code target for ads.

RequestTimeout RequestTimeout RequestTimeout RequestTimeout RequestTimeout

Gets or sets the number of milliseconds to wait for an ad request to complete before timing out.

State State State State State

Gets the current state of the interstitial ad.


AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String) AddAdTag(String, String)

Adds an ad tag to the InterstitialAd control.

Close() Close() Close() Close() Close()

Closes the interstitial ad that is showing.

RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String) RemoveAdTag(String)

Removes an ad tag from the InterstitialAd control.

RequestAd(AdType, String, String) RequestAd(AdType, String, String) RequestAd(AdType, String, String) RequestAd(AdType, String, String) RequestAd(AdType, String, String)

Requests an interstitial ad from the server.

Show() Show() Show() Show() Show()

Shows an interstitial ad.


AdReady AdReady AdReady AdReady AdReady

Raised when the interstitial ad is ready to be shown.

Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled

Raised when the user cancels the ad before it is considered complete.

Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed

Raised when the ad is closed and the ad experience is considered complete.

ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred ErrorOccurred

Raised when the InterstitialAd encounters an operational error.

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