HolographicSpace.CreateNextFrame Method


Creates a HolographicFrame for the next frame to display.

 virtual HolographicFrame ^ CreateNextFrame() = CreateNextFrame;
HolographicFrame CreateNextFrame();
public HolographicFrame CreateNextFrame();
function createNextFrame()
Public Function CreateNextFrame () As HolographicFrame



The next frame.


Apps use the HolographicFrame returned here to find out the predicted positions of each HolographicCamera at the time of frame display, render their views based on that prediction, and then call the PresentUsingCurrentPrediction method to send them to the displays.

The system tracks end-to-end latency from the CreateNextFrame call until the frame is presented. This determines the number of frames the system will look forward for the next frame's prediction.

This method will make use of the Direct3D device you provided to the HolographicSpace. If you've specified the D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_SINGLETHREADED flag on your device, be sure to call this method from your single Direct3D thread to avoid undefined behavior.

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