ColorPaletteResources ColorPaletteResources ColorPaletteResources ColorPaletteResources Class


Represents a specialized resource dictionary that contains color resources used by XAML elements.

public : class ColorPaletteResources : ResourceDictionary
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::ColorPaletteResources : ResourceDictionary
public class ColorPaletteResources : ResourceDictionary
Public Class ColorPaletteResources Inherits ResourceDictionary

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10, version 1809 (introduced v10.0.17763.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v7)


ColorPaletteResources() ColorPaletteResources() ColorPaletteResources() ColorPaletteResources()

Initializes a new instance of the ColorPaletteResources class.


Accent Accent Accent Accent

Gets or sets the Accent color value.

AltHigh AltHigh AltHigh AltHigh

Gets or sets the AltHigh color value.

AltLow AltLow AltLow AltLow

Gets or sets the AltLow color value.

AltMedium AltMedium AltMedium AltMedium

Gets or sets the AltMedium color value.

AltMediumHigh AltMediumHigh AltMediumHigh AltMediumHigh

Gets or sets the AltMediumHigh color value.

AltMediumLow AltMediumLow AltMediumLow AltMediumLow

Gets or sets the AltMediumLow color value.

BaseHigh BaseHigh BaseHigh BaseHigh

Gets or sets the BaseHigh color value.

BaseLow BaseLow BaseLow BaseLow

Gets or sets the BaseLow color value.

BaseMedium BaseMedium BaseMedium BaseMedium

Gets or sets the BaseMedium color value.

BaseMediumHigh BaseMediumHigh BaseMediumHigh BaseMediumHigh

Gets or sets the BaseMediumHigh color value.

BaseMediumLow BaseMediumLow BaseMediumLow BaseMediumLow

Gets or sets the BaseMediumLow color value.

ChromeAltLow ChromeAltLow ChromeAltLow ChromeAltLow

Gets or sets the ChromeAltLow color value.

ChromeBlackHigh ChromeBlackHigh ChromeBlackHigh ChromeBlackHigh

Gets or sets the ChromeBlackHigh color value.

ChromeBlackLow ChromeBlackLow ChromeBlackLow ChromeBlackLow

Gets or sets the ChromeBlackLow color value.

ChromeBlackMedium ChromeBlackMedium ChromeBlackMedium ChromeBlackMedium

Gets or sets the ChromeBlackMedium color value.

ChromeBlackMediumLow ChromeBlackMediumLow ChromeBlackMediumLow ChromeBlackMediumLow

Gets or sets the ChromeBlackMediumLow color value.

ChromeDisabledHigh ChromeDisabledHigh ChromeDisabledHigh ChromeDisabledHigh

Gets or sets the ChromeDisabledHigh color value.

ChromeDisabledLow ChromeDisabledLow ChromeDisabledLow ChromeDisabledLow

Gets or sets the ChromeDisabledLow color value.

ChromeGray ChromeGray ChromeGray ChromeGray

Gets or sets the ChromeGray color value.

ChromeHigh ChromeHigh ChromeHigh ChromeHigh

Gets or sets the ChromeHigh color value.

ChromeLow ChromeLow ChromeLow ChromeLow

Gets or sets the ChromeLow color value.

ChromeMedium ChromeMedium ChromeMedium ChromeMedium

Gets or sets the ChromeMedium color value.

ChromeMediumLow ChromeMediumLow ChromeMediumLow ChromeMediumLow

Gets or sets the ChromeMediumLow color value.

ChromeWhite ChromeWhite ChromeWhite ChromeWhite

Gets or sets the ChromeWhite color value.

Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher

Gets the CoreDispatcher that this object is associated with. The CoreDispatcher represents a facility that can access the DependencyObject on the UI thread even if the code is initiated by a non-UI thread.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
ErrorText ErrorText ErrorText ErrorText

Gets or sets the ErrorText color value.

ListLow ListLow ListLow ListLow

Gets or sets the ListLow color value.

ListMedium ListMedium ListMedium ListMedium

Gets or sets the ListMedium color value.

MergedDictionaries MergedDictionaries MergedDictionaries MergedDictionaries

Gets a collection of the ResourceDictionary dictionaries that constitute the various resource dictionaries in the merged dictionaries.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
Size Size Size Size

Gets the number of elements contained in the collection.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
Source Source Source Source

Gets or sets a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that provides the source location of a merged resource dictionary.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
ThemeDictionaries ThemeDictionaries ThemeDictionaries ThemeDictionaries

Gets a collection of merged resource dictionaries that are specifically keyed and composed to address theme scenarios, for example supplying theme values for "HighContrast".

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)


Clear Clear Clear Clear

Removes all items from this ResourceDictionary.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty)

Clears the local value of a dependency property.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
First First First First

Returns an iterator for the items in the collection.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns any base value established for a dependency property, which would apply in cases where an animation is not active.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns the current effective value of a dependency property from a DependencyObject.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
GetView GetView GetView GetView

Retrieves a view against the ResourceDictionary.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
HasKey(Object) HasKey(Object) HasKey(Object) HasKey(Object)

Returns whether the ResourceDictionary has an entry with the requested key.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
Insert(Object,Object) Insert(Object,Object) Insert(Object,Object) Insert(Object,Object)

Adds a new entry to the ResourceDictionary.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
Lookup(Object) Lookup(Object) Lookup(Object) Lookup(Object)

Returns the value from the requested key, if an entry with that key exists.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns the local value of a dependency property, if a local value is set.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback)

Registers a notification function for listening to changes to a specific DependencyProperty on this DependencyObject instance.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
Remove(Object) Remove(Object) Remove(Object) Remove(Object)

Removes a specific item from the ResourceDictionary.

(Inherited from ResourceDictionary)
SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object)

Sets the local value of a dependency property on a DependencyObject.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64)

Cancels a change notification that was previously registered by calling RegisterPropertyChangedCallback.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)