DSPROPERTYPAGEINFO structure (dsclient.h)

The DSPROPERTYPAGEINFO structure is used by an Active Directory property sheet extension to obtain static registration data for the extension. This structure is supplied by the CFSTR_DSPROPERTYPAGEINFO clipboard format.


typedef struct {
  DWORD offsetString;



Contains the offset, in bytes, from the start of the DSPROPERTYPAGEINFO structure to a NULL-terminated, Unicode string that contains the optional data stored for the extension.


The DSPROPETYPAGEINFO structure contains the optional string that the extension added to the adminPropertySheet and/or shellPropertySheet attributes when the extension was registered. For more information about how this string is set, see Registering the Property Page COM Object in a Display Specifier.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Header dsclient.h

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