RasCustomEntryDlgFn callback function (rasdlg.h)

The RasCustomEntryDlg function is an application-defined function that is exported by a third-party custom-dialing DLL. This function allows third-party vendors to implement custom dialogs for managing phone-book entries.


RasCustomEntryDlgFn Rascustomentrydlgfn;

BOOL Rascustomentrydlgfn(
  LPWSTR lpszPhonebook,
  LPWSTR lpszEntry,
  DWORD dwFlags



Handle to the instance of the custom-dial DLL that was loaded.


Pointer to a null-terminated string that specifies the full path and file name of a phone-book (PBK) file. If this parameter is NULL, the function uses the current default phone-book file. The default phone-book file is the one selected by the user in the User Preferences property sheet of the Dial-Up Networking dialog box.


Pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the name of the phone-book entry to edit, copy, or create.

If you are editing or copying an entry, this parameter is the name of an existing phone-book entry. If you are copying an entry, set the RASEDFLAG_CloneEntry flag in the dwFlags member of the RASENTRYDLG structure.

If you are creating an entry, this parameter is a default new entry name that the user can change. If this parameter is NULL, the function provides a default name. If you are creating an entry, set the RASEDFLAG_NewEntry flag in the dwFlags member of the RASENTRYDLG structure.


Pointer to a RASENTRYDLG structure that contains additional input and output parameters. On input, the dwSize member of this structure must specify sizeof( RASENTRYDLG). Use the dwSize member to indicate whether creating, editing, or copying an entry. If an error occurs, the dwError member returns an error code; otherwise, it returns zero.


Reserved for future use.

Return value

If the user creates, copies, or edits a phone-book entry, the return value should be TRUE. Otherwise, the function should return FALSE.

If an error occurs, RasCustomEntryDlg should set the dwError member of the RASENTRYDLG structure to a value from Routing and Remote Access Error Codes or Winerror.h.


RAS calls this entry point from RasEntryDlg, if the szCustomDialDll member of the RASENTRY structure for the entry being dialed specifies a custom-dialing DLL.

If the custom-dial DLL does not support this entry point, RAS returns ERROR_NO_CUSTOMENTRYDLG to the caller of RasEntryDlg.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header rasdlg.h

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