FolderItem.IsFolder property

Indicates if the item is a folder.

This property is read-only.


bIsFolder = FolderItem.IsFolder

Property value

A Boolean that receives true if the item is a folder or false if not.


The following example uses IsFolder to determine whether the Windows directory is a folder. Proper usage is shown for JScript, VBScript, and Visual Basic.


<script language="JScript">
    function fnIsFolderJ()
        var objShell = new ActiveXObject("shell.application");
        var objFolder2;
        var ssfWINDOWS = 36;
        objFolder2 = objShell.NameSpace(ssfWINDOWS);
        if (objFolder2 != null)
            var objFolderItem;
            objFolderItem = objFolder2.Self;
            if (objFolderItem != null)
                var bReturn;
                bReturn = objFolderItem.IsFolder;


<script language="VBScript">
    function fnIsFolderVB()
        dim objShell
        set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")
        if (not objShell is nothing) then
            dim objFolder2
            dim ssfWINDOWS
            ssfWINDOWS = 36
            set objFolder2 = objShell.NameSpace(ssfWINDOWS)
            if (not objFolder2 is nothing) then
                dim objFolderItem
                set objFolderItem = objFolder2.Self
                if (not objFolderItem is nothing) then
                    dim bReturn
                    bReturn = objFolderItem.IsFolder
                end if
                set objFolderItem = nothing
            end if
            set objFolder2 = nothing
        end if
        set objShell = nothing
    end function

Visual Basic:

Private Sub fnIsFolderVB()
    Dim objShell   As Shell
    Dim objFolder2 As Folder2
    Dim ssfWINDOWS As Long
    ssfWINDOWS = 36
    Set objShell = New Shell
    Set objFolder2 = objShell.NameSpace(ssfWINDOWS)
        If (Not objFolder2 Is Nothing) Then
            Dim objFolderItem As FolderItem
            Set objFolderItem = objFolder2.Self
                If (Not objFolderItem Is Nothing) Then
                    Dim bReturn As Boolean
                    bReturn = objFolderItem.IsFolder
                    'FolderItem object returned nothing.
                End If
            Set objFolderItem = Nothing
            'Folder object returned nothing.
        End If
    Set objFolder2 = Nothing
    Set objShell = Nothing
End Sub


Minimum supported client
Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Shell32.dll (version 4.71 or later)