MSDN Magazine October 2011

MSDN Magazine October 2011

Asynchronous Programming:Easier Asynchronous Programming with the New Visual Studio Async CTP

There are many different techniques for achieving a responsive user interface in a program that performs high-latency operations, but the difficulty factor of doing so is high. The next version of C# and Visual Basic will include a new form of asynchronous control flow that avoids both the dangers of multithreading and the pain of writing callback methods. Eric Lippert

Asynchronous Programming:Pause and Play with Await

Asynchronous methods in the upcoming versions of Visual Basic and C# are a great way to get the callbacks out of your asynchronous programming. Mads Torgersen takes a closer look at what the new await keyword actually does, starting at the conceptual level and working down to the iron. Mads Torgersen

Asynchronous Programming:Async Performance: Understanding the Costs of Async and Await

It’s easy to get started writing asynchronous methods in C# and Visual Basic, but there can be hidden performance costs. Stephen Toub explores the ins and outs of asynchronous methods to give you a solid understanding of how they’re implemented under the covers and show some of the more nuanced costs involved. Stephen Toub

LightSwitch Security:Securing Access to LightSwitch Applications

Visual Studio LightSwitch is an exciting new product that helps developers quickly and easily build business applications. This article explores the challenge of securing three-tier applications and describes how developers can use the access control features in LightSwitch to secure their applications. Valerie Andersen, Matt Evans, Sheel Shah, Michael Simons

F# Programming:Authoring an F#/C# VSIX Project Template

Encourage reuse and cut out those repetitive, time-wasting setup chores by creating a Visual Studio Extension project template composed of a C# ASP.NET MVC 3 Web app and two F# libraries. Dan Mohl

Silverlight:Harnessing the Power of the Dynamics CRM 4.0 API from Silverlight 4

Building Silverlight applications that can interact directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 can prove challenging, but here’s a little help in the form of an in-depth walkthrough on how to do it right. Mark Beckner

SharePoint Development:Building Information Architecture in SharePoint 2010

Learn how to use new SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management capabilities to build and implement flexible information architecture for Internet-facing publishing and knowledge management portals. Shahram Khosravi

HTML5:Browser and Feature Detection

If you’re building a Web site, you don’t just want it to look terrific today; you want it to dazzle for a long time to come. That means your site has to work not only in today’s browsers, but also in future versions. Tthis article presents tips and best practices to help you achieve this goal. Sascha P. Corti

HTML5:Writing a Business-Oriented JavaScript Web Application

Microsoft sees HTML5 and JavaScript as key for Windows developers. To help you learn to write production-ready JavaScript, we walk you through creating a basic business application. Frank Prößdorf, Dariusz Parys


Editor's Note:Thinkin' About Async

The addition of asynchronous programming support to C# and Visual Basic marks the latest in a series of important evolutionary steps for Microsoft's flagship managed programming languages.Michael Desmond

Cutting Edge:Objects and the Art of Data Modeling

Today’s apps are too often built around a single data model, says Dino Esposito. He discusses strategies to handle situations where multiple models provide more flexibility and help you develop more layered and robust applications.Dino Esposito

Windows with C++:Thread Pool Cancellation and Cleanup

Cancellation and cleanup are notoriously difficult problems to solve when it comes to multi-threaded applications. However, the thread pool environment enables cleanup groups, which make the thread pool’s objects and callbacks more manageable, as Kenny Kerr details.Kenny Kerr

Forecast: Cloudy:The Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus: Topics

With the AppFabric CTP June Update, the AppFabric Service Bus now offers Topics, a rich, new publish-and-subscribe capability. Joseph Fultz shows how this new messaging technology can be used to facilitate inter-store inventory checks.Joseph Fultz

Test Run:Graph Structures and Maximum Clique

In computer science, the maximum clique problem is challenging and not completely understood. But the code used to solve it can help developers out in important areas such as social networking. So dig in.James McCaffrey

UI Frontiers:Pages and Pop-ups in Windows Phone 7

Charles turns to the horror genre in celebration of Halloween as he improves his e-book reader with the addition of “a whole bunch of dialog boxes” to aid in navigation and enhance user interaction.Charles Petzold

Don't Get Me Started:Imagine That

The finals of the 2011 Imagine Cup software competition drew 128 teams from across the globe to New York City. David Platt found that the innovative entries weren't the only amazing thing about the eventDavid Platt