MSDN Magazine February 2012

MSDN Magazine February 2012

Asynchronous Programming:Asynchronous Programming in C++ Using PPL

Asynchronous operations are essential for building responsive and scalable applications, but using the raw WinRT API for this requires writing lots of boiler-plate code. The Parallel Patterns Library offers a new task-based programming model that makes using asynchronous operations easy and productive. Artur Laksberg

Windows Azure:Building a Massively Scalable Platform for Consumer Devices on Windows Azure

Learn how to use RESTful Web services and Windows Azure to build apps for the wide spectrum of mobile platforms and devices that could potentially be used by millions of users. Bruno Terkaly, Ricardo Villalobos

ASP.NET MVC:The Features and Issues of ASP.NET MVC Model Binding

Dive deep into the heart of ASP.NET MVC’s model binding subsystem, examining each layer of the model binding framework and ways to meet your application’s needs. Jess Chadwick

Building HTML5 Appications:Practical Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio and Video

John Dyer explores the benefits of using HTML5 for media playback as well as some of the major issues developers face when doing so. John Dyer

Windows Phone:Get Your Windows Phone Applications in the Marketplace Faster

Learn how to use the Marketplace Test Kit to identify issues with an application and the Performance Analysis tool to determine the source of the issues and how to fix them. Cheryl Simmons

Windows Workflow Foundation:What's New in Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5

The next version of Windows Workflow Foundation introduces a range of new features and capabilities, based on lots of customer feedback. Leon Welicki gives you the details. Leon Welicki

NuGet:Creating a NuGet Gallery

In the third article in our series on NuGet, Clark Sell and Mark Nichols tell you why you should consider hosting your own NuGet gallery, and how you go about setting one up. Clark Sell


Editor's Note:Calling out the Client

John Papa returns to MSDN Magazine with his new column on the fast-changing arena of rich client development technologies and platforms.Michael Desmond

Data Points:A Few of My Favorite Things... in the Entity Framework 4.2 DbContext

The Entity Framework DbContext API simplifies many of the most common coding tasks, says Julie Lerman, who shows you her three favorite DbContext features.Julie Lerman

Forecast: Cloudy:Windows Azure Deployment Domains

Joseph Fultz considers the complexities of updating a Web application deployment, focusing on the use of fault domains and upgrade domains.Joseph Fultz

Test Run:Ant Colony Optimization

James McCaffrey introduces the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm, an artificial intelligence technique based on the pheromone-laying behavior of ants.James McCaffrey

The Working Programmer:Talk to Me: Voice and SMS in the Cloud

Ted Neward shows how to develop applications for Tropo, a free, cloud-hosted, voice-and-SMS solution.Ted Neward

Client Insight:Getting Started with Knockout

This inaugural Client Insights column explains how to get started with the Knockout JavaScript library by learning how and where to use it.John Papa

Touch and Go:Background Audio on Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 introduces the concept of a background agent, which you can use for playing either music files or streaming audio while your program is suspended. Charles Petzold shows you how to play audio files in the background.Charles Petzold

Don't Get Me Started:Ring Around My Neck

MSDN Magazine's "resident curmudgeon" looks at our obsession with smartphones, and how they draw us together even as they push us apart.David Platt