Face API Release Notes

This article pertains to Microsoft Face API Service version 1.0.

Release changes in May 2018

Release changes in March 2018

Release changes in May 2017

  • Added hair, makeup, accessory, occlusion, blur, exposure, and noise attributes in Face - Detect returnFaceAttributes parameter.

  • Supported 10K persons in a PersonGroup and Face - Identify.

  • Supported pagination in PersonGroup Person - List with optional parameters: start and top.

  • Supported concurrency in adding/deleting faces against different FaceLists and different persons in PersonGroup.

Release changes in March 2017

Release changes in November 2016

  • Added Face Storage Standard subscription to store additional persisted faces when using PersonGroup Person - Add Face or FaceList - Add Face for identification or similarity matching. The stored images are charged at $0.5 per 1000 faces and this rate is prorated on a daily basis. Free tier subscriptions continue to be limited to 1,000 total persons.

Release changes in October 2016

Release changes in July 2016

  • Supported Face to Person object authentication in Face - Verify.

  • Added optional mode parameter enabling selection of two working modes: matchPerson and matchFace in Face - Find Similar and default is matchPerson.

  • Added optional confidenceThreshold parameter for user to set the threshold of whether one face belongs to a Person object in Face - Identify.

  • Added optional start and top parameters in PersonGroup - List to enable user to specify the start point and the total PersonGroups number to list.

V1.0 changes from V0

  • Updated service root endpoint from https://westus.api.cognitive.microsoft.com/face/v0/ to https://westus.api.cognitive.microsoft.com/face/v1.0/. Changes applied to: Face - Detect, Face - Identify, Face - Find Similar and Face - Group.

  • Updated the minimal detectable face size to 36x36 pixels. Faces smaller than 36x36 pixels will not be detected.

  • Deprecated the PersonGroup and Person data in Face V0. Those data cannot be accessed with the Face V1.0 service.

  • Deprecated the V0 endpoint of Face API on June 30, 2016.